Retail Hell - Stories of current and former retail employees

  1. Ohhhhhh my god lol I have so many stories...

    Back home in Canada when I was working at Shoppers Drug Mart... We had this lady come in who I'm sure was on drugs or had some mental problems... I'm thinking drugs though. Anyways, she came in and starts yelling *I NEED LIPGLOSS, WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU HELPING ME, I NEED HELP* and I said sorry and that she just walked in so I hadn't gotten the chance of saying hello yet. She cut me off before I finished my sentence and said 'YOURE JUST STUPID, GET ME WHAT I WANT' so again I was like, I'm sorry but I don't know which lipgloss you want, which brand? Colour? And again cut me off 'YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS, ARE YOU THAT STUPID?' At this point I was just frustrated. I'm very smart, so hearing that was driving me mad. She then vanished and collected items throughout the whole store... Came back to me to purchase it all. Seriously like 60 random items.. Toothpaste, panty hose, some food, pills, condoms, etc.... It all came to about $400 and she was like, WHAT, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS, WHY ARE YOU CHARGING ME SO MUCH... YOU ARE SO STUPID. And she left the store.... My god lol.
  2. ^^that reminds me of when i used to work at an antique mall. we did NOT price the items. vendors rented spaced and they priced their own items. we just sold it for them. this lady would come in every so often.. and i called her the crazy lady cause she would just do the weirdest stuff.
    we had locked cases and if you wanted something from the case you would have to ring a bell, someone would get the item out and bring it up front to be held until the person was done shopping.
    so she found this cameo broach and earrings set and had it held up front. she then wandered around the store for awhile, came back up and wanted to look over all her items again. she accused me of remarking that set to a higher price! she kept saying "i swear that wasn't the the price when i saw it earlier... are you sure you didn't change the price??" yea cause thats what we do.... remark items after customers say they want to buy them.
  3. This thread is hilarious! The "no more angries in the box" comment had me in tears.
  4. When I was at university many, many years ago I worked in a high end department store in Sydney. All in all , the customers were ok but one I remember and still gag is when I was spat on. I couldn't stop crying after I was helped by other staff and sent home. I had to fill in an incident report but not sure what security did with the bloke.
  5. Gosh, this thread... some of these stories are absolutely horrifying. I agree with the poster that said either two years of military or two years of retail!

    The two moments I can think of right now... one was earlier this year where a thick-accented Russian woman told me to "go back to my country" after my telling her that I wouldn't refund something for her (I look Asian but I've been raised in Australia by Australian parents, English is my first language, etc). This ended up with me verbally tearing her a new one as customers looked on, her husband apologising profusely to me and aforementioned customers later telling me "good on you" after they had gone. When I was younger I took the abuse customers dealt, but now... not so much.

    My other story was several years ago in the same job, different store, putting a guy that was stealing a set-top box in a headlock (not my smartest moment, I concur). He ended up getting away with the remote for said set-top box and I ended up in tears. One half of an elderly couple in the store that had been simply watching me as I fought with him, calling for security, yelling at him to stop stealing, etc, asked me if he was my boyfriend. I think my response was something along the lines of "no, he was actually a thief, and he was while you were standing and watching him, too".

    Needless to say, that guy never came back into the store. I saw him outside thinking about it a few times, but he never actually came back in... :thinking:
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  8. Here's a couple new ones:

    A few weeks ago I had a guy bring in some items to trade (my store is pretty much like a thrift store for electronics)...he smelled really bad so I wanted to get him out asap. I opened up the first DVD case and pulled out a disc which was all scratched up - it was clear from how old and scratched they were, he wasn't going to get much. I opened up the next case which he had crammed about 3 DVDs into, and pulled the first one out, and out fluttered a bunch of little black bits all over my counter which I then realized were dead body parts of a bug(s) which had died in there long ago. I'm usually pretty good, but I couldn't hold back my disgust and flinched. The guy didn't look like anything was out of the usual, so I just did my best to finish up and give him his $1.86 cash that he got for the old beat-up items so I could send him on his way and disinfect my counter and hands. Even better, as I handed him his money I noticed his t-shirt (dirty white with holes in it) had a logo for a cleaning company on it. Can't say I'll be using that company anytime soon.

    I also had a woman come in the store recently with her two kids. Her son was complaining to her the entire time that she forgot to bring a charge cable for his portable game system (saying OH MY GOD I can't believe you forgot, MY GOD) and just being really annoying. She was pretty short with me the entire time, and just waved me off when I went through my standard sales routines for cards that we have to do in my company. 20 minutes later I get a call from the mom asking if her son left his system in the store....I put her on hold to look for it and take care of the other customers in the store, since we're busy and in the mornings I'm the only one working there. Finally I get back to her and said I couldn't find it, he must have not left it there. Truth be told I didn't really look because I had to keep her on hold so long while helping out other in-store customers, but I also didn't see it laying around when I was on the floor with other people. I hang up with her, and IMMEDIATELY after spot it on a ledge where the kid must have just set it down to look at something else, and never picked it back up. Now had the woman signed up for the free card I offered her earlier on, I could have immediately called her back and held it for her....but because she didn't, it's going to forever sit in my hold drawer until I toss it. I'd feel a whole lot worse if the kid hadn't been so annoying and the mom hadn't been so mean when she first came in.
  9. I worked part time in retail for seven years and have plenty of stories:

    Shoplifters coming in weekly.. you know them by name and they know you..they also know the store policy and KNOW we can't stop them so they steal even more..

    Ladies coming in from a marathon (numbers still on their chest) and trying on clothes only to request new clothes once they decide what they

    Ladies changing their pads in the fitting rooms and leaving it in the middle of the floor

    Breaking up fights

    Being called a racist from a KNOWN shoplifter with a fake receipt (I'm AA by the way and so was the booster)

    The stories can go on and
  10. Ok not retail but I don't know where to post it, I used to work as a leasing consultant and this client, asked me "do you have a trash can?" I said yes then she reached out her hand with her bubble gum that she chewed! WTF! I thought she would even wrap it in a napkin or paper, but no, she handed me the gum out of her mouth! GROSS! I washed my hands after like I've never washed them before!
  11. Disgusting! I would've told her she can put it back in her mouth until she gets to the trash can. Ugh, some people
  12. Last night I was working alone (we usually have two people closing, especially on Fridays, but corporate cutting payroll has led to stuff like this) and got a bit of a rush toward the end of the night. By close, I still had two very needy customers with lots of questions. I finally finished and got one out the door so I could help the other. I noticed about 5 minutes after close a car rolled up, so I went to lock the door as a reminder that "hey, we closed a little while ago buddy" and so I wouldn't have to worry about other random people walking in.

    10 minutes after close, that guy was done and out. When I was closing out the registers I got a phone call (and we're told we HAVE to answer the phone, even outside of store hours, if we're there). Well it was that guy who had rolled up, and wanted to give me a piece of his mind about how RUDE I was for "locking the door in his wife's face" when there were still other people in the store. I apologized but was soooo angry, and did remind him that we had closed 5 minutes before, and the people were inside were just finishing up - I couldn't let any more people in, at all. He got my name and "promised to talk to someone else about it" so great, now I'll probably get a little hashing from my DM about it, and the guy just continued on and on about how rude I was.

    I REALLY HATE IT when people roll up after close. This wasn't even the type of customer who comes in 2 minutes before close - we had CLOSED 5 minutes before their car was even in our lot. People like that are so selfish to not care that retail employees have lives outside of work, and as a salaried manager right now I'm being MADE to work 50 hours/week during the "slow" season, because corporate has stripped our payroll so much. I don't want to stay here one second later than I have to, and I definitely don't want to be chewed out by customers who feel like we should cater to their schedule.
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