Retail Hell - Stories of current and former retail employees

  1. My first "job" was working in Mervyns. I somehow got stationed in the men's dept. I had this guy and his son come in every so often and ask for my help in the dressing room. Um, no. I'm 16, you perv.

    Also... having to clean out the mens dressing rooms with furry tiger printed thongs was on the highlight list - they were usually thrown on the floor so they were tried on. So glad I got out of there when I did.
  2. I remeber customers who would wear foundation (makeup) on their bodies and then try on white shirts and dont bother to buy them. We had to put those clothes in the damaged pile.

    also customers that OD'd with the deoderant and would do the same with thing with our tops.

    This woman's own lipstick smeared the shirt she tried on and tried to get a 10% discount because of it. :wacko:
  3. Just remembered! Another Limited story!

    We had a man who used to come in and try stuff on. He would come out of the dressing room and ask us "How does this look on me?" I told the Mgr and she said, "oh yeah, he comes in here all the time...he's harmless."

  4. wow there are really some crazies out there!
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    :wtf: OMG! did this (or your other stories in original post) happen in the Dallas area? i would have freaked out and ran if i saw that happen in the Dallas Galleria, i would never want to go there again..that is so disgusting... i would literally get physically ill if i saw that, esp now that i'm preggo..

    the sad thing is though, customers do unspeakable things, and what is the store's recourse? like if someone were to take a piss in the store (or tell their kid to do so, as in that other previous story) can the store do anything, legally? is it indecent exposure or something else? IMO they should get arrested for that. that is so disgusting.

    i've never worked in retail, i cannot believe the horror stories. people are so nasty.
  6. OMG!!! This is so disgusting!!!! Bring some more stories on!!
  7. Great Thread!!

  8. I haven't been able to read anything past, "There are no angries in the box!" because I'm laughing to hard. :roflmfao::roflmfao::lolots:

  9. OMG HALE NO! NOT GALLERIA OR NORTHPARK!!! i think the fitting room area around there is hard floor. this was in denton, north dallas. the whole store area is carpet :barf:

    my other stories are from south texas and denton.
  10. And this is why you always wash new clothes before you wear them. :faint:
  11. OMG!! Ain't that the Truth!!! :lol:

  12. oic, thank god. i cannot imagine this happening at the Galleria or at NP. as for Denton - i have been there only once (near UNT), didn't know there were such freaks there that would do such a thing! i'm actually going to Denton again in a few weeks, i'll be wary
  13. ooh. i remember an old couple (who had shopped the day prior) came by and i helped the wife try on shoes. she had terribly swollen feet, so of coure my hands got wet with her foot sweat (barf).

    well she was NOT a size 8 but she insisted that she was a size 7 before her feet swell and that an 8 SHOULD fit! but it didn't! so then she made me go to the back, and grab the same style shoe in ALL the size 8s we had. then she mixed pairs up saying that "well the left one from the first box fit better...the right one from the fourth box fits good".

    then she proceeded to say that the associate from the day prior said she'd give her a 30% discount! i told her it wasn't allowed for associates to offer discounts but she insisted. so i asked my co-worker, who denied it, and i promptly got the manager.

    the man and woman began to loudly argue with the manager. the manager got so mad he told them "this isn't a car dealership. you can't haggle shoes".

    they left, empty handed but came back 20 minutes later and said "okay. we'll take a 20% off discount" WTF. of course they left empty handed.
  14. ^wtf...yeah, i can't stand it when people try to haggle in retail stores, as if the prices were negotiable or something. "this is not a car dealership"..i love that response!!
  15. This type of stuff happens everywhere (high end and low end stores).