retail for original bella bella

  1. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the retail for the original print bella bella was. thank ya :smile:
  2. $148 :smile:
  3. so do you think paying $205 with shipping is crazy?
  4. No not really... I paid the exact same amount for mine, lol.... It was perfect placement IMO so I decided 50 over retail wasn't horrible...
  5. If there are any left at our Waikele Outlet, you can get it for about $133 and however much it costs to ship.
  6. i called waikele outlet the other day and they are out and don't expect to get anymore. the only original print bag they had was the luna.
  7. Wow, they FINALLY ran out...!! It seemed like they had a never-ending supply for soooooooooooooo long!! *lol*
  8. lol yea. i think over 180 is a bit much. i got mine through a very nice tpf-er from the waikele outlet & love it dearly!