Retail for Everything Tokidoki

  1. Retail Tokidoki Prices
    Organized by size/style

    Angioletto $62
    Braccialetto $42
    Cangurino $78
    Canguro $96, $108
    Caramella $62, $68
    Caramellina $56
    Denaro $62, $68
    Portatelefono $84​

    Andiamo $164
    Avventura $210
    Bambino $96, $108
    Bambinone $120, $130
    Bella $120, $130
    Bella Bella $148
    Bocce $88
    Buon Viaggio $148, $160
    Campeggio $148, $160
    Ciao $96, $120
    Ciao Ciao $148, $160
    Corriere $184
    Cucciolo $198
    Dolce $78, $80
    Gioco $160
    Luna $198, $210
    Mamma $96
    Mamma Mia $120, $130
    Nuvola $184
    Scuola $164, $172
    Stellina $120, $130
    Trenino $298
    Zucca $184

    *Items with two prices reflect orginal retail prices and current retail prices.

    For pics and descriptions of the bag styles listed above visit: or

    I thought this would be useful for us to have handy, especially since so many of us Tokishop on eBay. It might help to put things into perspective, although at times we'd rather not know. :nuts:

    Did I miss any? Should we make this a sticky?
  2. Great idea; I am always trying to find the LJ post when I spot a BIN on eBay to see if it's a good deal.

    Maybe you could also put the lists in alphabetical order to make it easier? :biggrin:
  3. Blehhh, tPF won't let me edit.:blah:
  4. Aw! I noticed that happens too if someone else posts after you.
  5. Thanks for the info! So I guess prices are really marked up on eBay. :tdown:

    Anyone happen to have Canadian prices?
  6. to bad bad hawaii doesnt follow those prices....
  7. I know what you mean.. With the price we pay for a MM in Hawaii, we could buy a BV on the mainland! :wtf: I wish we had these prices here.. LOL :girlsigh:

    Thanks for making this list! As far as I know, I dont see anything missing.. Making it in alpha-order would be easier to see.. I hate how you only have 15 min to edit you posts =/
  8. Just rearranged what TokiLoca listed for us! :smile: I hope its in order LOL Hmm let's see.. A, B, C, D,...
  9. i don't have an lj so i don't know how to check
    but did the person who posted everything on this page
    really also make a page listing all the available styles like she commented she would?
    if so, could someone post a link?
    much appreciation
  10. I'm going to change the original post with the lists of prices so it's first.. ! :yes: Thanks Miss Dana and TokiLoca. :graucho:
  11. haha we think alike! I was going to rearrange another list and list it by their prices :lol:
  12. Yay!! Guides rock!! Thanks for adding more links to other helpful Toki lists. And thanks for alphabetizing my list and making it a sticky!!:nuts:
  13. Caramella is $90 CAD!
  14. Thanks for this list. I actually printed every page from the lesportsac site and then manually entered the price. Every time I'm shopping I pull out my list to see the retail price. Now I can find it here!!!

    Thank you !!! :smile: