Resurrection - ABC

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  1. Anybody gonna watch? Commercials are a little bit creepy. Lol
  2. I was just looking for a thread on this upcoming series!
  3. The commercials gave me goosebumps! I might check it out. When does it start?
  4. On the fence .. I think I will be freaked out or cry my eyes out every week.
  5. I'll probably watch the first episode so yes lol
  6. I think they said next week.
  7. It premieres Sunday. I will be watching this one....I hope it's good!
  8. I'm planning to watch! I really hope its good.
  9. I saw the French version The Returned (Les Revenants) season 1 in 2 days lol. It was good. It is subtitled but it really captured me to pay attention. I hope this US version is just as good. I don't find it scary but it was thrilling enough for me to think about "what if". This show won the Int'l Emmy for Best Drama series.

    Looking forward to see this show! :smile:

    PS: There is also a book called The Returned that is somewhat like this show
  10. Interesting!
  11. I'm going to watch it on demand. My Sunday nights are booked w/ other tv shows.
  12. Oh wow! Thanks for this; I found the series on Netflix! Did you read the book as well?
  13. very excited for this
  14. Didn't realize it is in Netflix lol. I hope it is in HD :smile:. I watched it in Blu-ray and it has an eerie feel to it.

    I haven't read the book yet but I have it in my Kindle ready to read, after I finish the Divergent series (currently on book 2 Insurgent now) :smile:
  15. Ooh! Who watched?