resurecting old threads

  1. is there some way that people could stop resurecting really old threads in the LV sub forum. people are digging up month old threads and just leaving "congrats" messages. its really unneccessary and gets a bit anoying when you visit the forum everyday and its full of old threads.
  2. it's sooooooooo annoying!:yes:

    Right now we don't have a policy against it though:shrugs:
  3. Okay, nobody yell at me, alright?

    What's wrong with resurrecting old threads? It's never bothered me so I don't see what's wrong with it. :shrugs: If someone just dug it up to post "congrats" or "nice bag" then I agree, that's dumb, super annoying and a waste of everyone's time. But, if one is brought back because someone wants to add something of substance is it really a bad thing to do? :shrugs:
  4. I don't think those are the ones that bother people:nogood:
    VERY often it's a spammer who resurrects a thread from last July w/ a link to their fakes.
    Or someone resurrects a thread about an issue that was already solved and they jump in 10 months later to offer their advice. . .sometimes the OP isn't even here anymore:lol:

    I think we're smart enough and empathetic enough to know when it's okay and when it doesn't make any sense ;)
  5. ^^^ITA! This week there has been multiple old threads in the LV sub forum and most of the comments are a basic congrats, which are the annoying variety. I hope we are intelligent enough to just browse those old threads and resist the urge to say congrats, even if we love the bag as this type of comment just brings things back from the dead! LOL!
  6. It always makes me laugh when I see people say congrats on bags that the OP sometimes has bought for over a year ago.
    It just shows that some people do not read threads at all or don't even bother to look at the date the thread was posted.
    On most occasions the bag has probably been sold already :lol:.
  7. ^me too! I had people pull up a post of mine about a Gucci Abbey tote I had already bought, sold and replaced w/ another bag from last Feb!:lol:

    Then, they got mad that I closed it and asked "why did someone drag up this old post?"
  8. i really dont mind if someone has something valid to add or if its a new member and they arent familiar with the board but there are a few members who dig up threads to say congrats and it seems as though they are trying to bump up their number of posts.
  9. ^yes, this is a HUGE nuisance, Vlad has been known to reduce people's post counts when doing this:lol:
  10. ^ haha, swanky thats brilliant. makes me love vlad even more.
  11. :yes:
    He rocks!:rochard:
    Gotta love having a no B.S. guy around!
  12. It really bugs me when people resurrect old threads in the Playground where someone asked a question that has already been answered. Like, "What should I do?"

    It doesn't bother me so much when conversational topics have been resurrected.
  13. I think it is possible when one clicks on "New Posts" just to see a thread with a recent post & reply not knowing that the thread is actually an old one.
    I wonder would it be a huge headache for Vlad to put date of posting on thread?
  14. :shame: I'm not sure I understand the 2nd part{?}
  15. Do you mean you don't understand the second part of my post Swanky?
    Would it be possible to date threads? I mean if i start a thread tonight then beside it there would be started on 29/06/07 then we could recognise old threads easier.