1. Hey all. One of my friends just graduated in May and is actyively job junting. She got a letter from my school, which she used to go to, saying she made Dean's List. She asked me, and other people, if this goes on her resume but most are unsure? Does it? :confused1:
  2. She should absolutely put it on her Resume! Students dont usually have much to put on their Resumes, and potential employers would love to see what her accomplishments in college are as well as her job history!

    YAY for your friend!
  3. it definitely should go on her resume!
  4. Absolutely!! Fabulous!
  5. Thanks all. I just emailed her that she should. :smile:
  6. Yes, yes, yes!!!
  7. Definitely put it on there. Your resume & cover letter are designed to sell yourself to employers :yes: