Results of "Which Tote of School"

  1. Hiya gals, thanks for the overwhelming response for "which tote for school"... it was a difficult and painful choice. Most loved choice No.2 but it was not meant to be. In the end, economics, a preppy look, availabilty of a zip and comfortable handles i.e. No.3 won the day!:yahoo: And i also got a really cute sun visor for doggy! Thanks again!:P

    a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg a4.jpg a5.jpg a6.jpg
  2. Great bag, congrats, and your dog is super cute!!
  3. I voted for 2...but after seeing you take picture of this bag looks SOOO much better!! CONGRATS TO YOUR NEW BABY!!
  4. I still like that bag! It was probably the most practical.. I like the doggie visor too!
  5. congrats! i chose this one coz id choose it myself if i was looking for a school bag :smile:
  6. Great choice - I love it! And aww, doggy is so friggin adorable :tender:
  7. Very classy!
  8. Good chioce and your dog is so adorable. I want a visor for my dog too.