Results of Makeover!

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  1. So here they are:



    I tried to frizz my hair out as much as possible to look bad!





    **If this isn't the right place mods...sorry!**

    Anyhoo....I like it! They did 3 shades of red...and cut off enough for Locks of Love! Didn't really like the makeup though...too much for me!
    TV cameras were there all day...and it'll be on my local news next week, where people get to send in postcards for the most dramatic makeover (mine had the most cut off and the biggest color change....most were blondes who just went a little blonder...or brunettes who got some little highlights). It looks alot redder in natural light.

    Sorry for sideways pics!
  2. Twiggers, you look fabulous: both before and after!

    Enjoy your new look!
  3. Thanks! I appreciate it :smile:
  4. agreed!! you have great feautures! enjoy your new look!
  5. You look fabulous! Your new haircolor really makes your eyes stand out! It was also very nice of you to contribute to Locks of Love. Enjoy the new you!
  6. I love it :smile: you look wonderful!
  7. Thanks kat & stllove! Hubby said it looked like he had a new wife...I swear my hair has been in a ponytail for our entire marriage lol
  8. You look fabulous!! I love the new hair color! And I absolutely LOVE the cookie monster t-shirt in your before pic.. so adorable!!
  9. LOL thanks sparkles...I have a weird obsession with Cookie Monster (it was the same shirt Jennifer Aniston wore in Friends).

    Thanks fetish!
  10. you're a true beauty! thanks for sharing the pics with us!
  11. :shame: Thanks!
  12. Wow, cute!!!
  13. You look absolutely amazing. You glow! What a wonderful experience.
  14. You look really great!!
  15. Awww! Work that camera girl!