Results after using babywipes (pics)...What do you think?

  1. Hi everyone!

    After reading so many threads on how successful fellow vuitton-lovers are with babywipes, I decided to try it out on my 2.5-year old MC Alma. Never been cleaned with anything wet before, just occasional dusting, my beauty has just been left to age gracefully... But now I feel the time has come to do some serious cleaning, especially of the handles which have turned pretty dark and dirty. I used alcohol-free babywipes with aloe vera, and was quite surprised at the results! All the watermarks are gone, but the vachetta has turned into a rich golden honey/tan brown colour. I don't really know what to think of it, I mean the colour itself is more or less even but it's just that I'm not used to this new colour....Does it look ok?

    Here are pictures I took (although only one before, but several after), I hope it works out since this is my first time posting pictures!

    I am looking forward to any comments, thanx in advance!! :lol:
  2. Here are pics after using the babywipes...
    after 2.JPG after 3.JPG after 4.jpg after 5.jpg
  3. one more after...
    after 1.JPG
  4. Are the handles completely dry in the last pic?
  5. I think it looks great, now you have even patina on those handles.
  6. I love the patina! I guess the Aloe nourish the cowhide because the leather looks more rich after.
  7. Yes, the handles are completely dry in all 'after' pics...actually, I did the whole cleaning process about 4 days ago and took the after pictures now. I know that the handles are really dry, and I made the mistake of not conditioning them afterwards (I wouldn't know with what to condition anyhow?!) and then taking her out the following day and getting scratch marks from my car keys all over the handles.... oh well, I hope they'll go away with time..
  8. they look great. the patina is GORGEOUS and has that shine factor to it that i adore.
  9. Looks good.
  10. you don't need to condition the handles now I guess the aloe already protects the leather.
  11. I think it looks great!!! LOVE the patina on black MC!!!:love:
  12. Wow, that really darkened the vachetta :nuts: Looks nice IMO.
  13. I did it on my 20 yo Speedy - and used the Apple Guard conditioner + protector afterwards.
    I'm just sorry that I don't have a digital camera :crybaby: to show you the great results.
  14. I think it looks fab!
  15. I looove the patina!! :smile: