Result of my "stress relief" shopping

  1. I have been dying of overwork and a REALLY bad cold/cough, but I agreed to take care of our 4 year old today (Saturday) since my dh wanted to see his family.

    He promised that he would return sometime after "noon". Lo and behold, he ends up coming back home at 530 p.m.! Well, I stormed off to Takashiyama Hermes boutique and bought this (also bought a cyclamen business card holder)

    It's a 31, Vache Liagee (sp?), brique (excuse my son's toys in the background)

  2. :yahoo: beautiful

    makes me want a bolide also NOW!!
  3. Thanks, Lilach!

    In a way, Bolide is like the step-sisters to the Birkin and Kelly. But I actually love the Bolide and the classic look. I think I will also feel less self-conscious in carrying a Boldie (versus a Birkin)...
  4. I adore the Bolides. I have two and love them for the zipper feature and they are not showy, very classic. Love your Bolide so much tokyogirl!! Enjoy it!! WOW...the color!!:love:
  5. It is just lovley. J'adore the colour!
  6. That's gorgeous! I love it!
  7. jennifer and lovehermes, thanks so much! This is not a color I would normally purchase (I usually lean more towards wine reds/pinks) but I ended loving this color, since it's kind of what would happen to orange if it were mixed with a little brown.
  8. Thanks, elongreach!
  9. Exactally! and, it is going to be beautiful this fall!:flowers:
  10. GORGEOUS! Did you ever get to see the Rouge Vif Birkin?
  11. Japster, no, I didn't have a chance to go! I am planning on going tomorrow though (hopefully it didn't get snatched up). My heart is really set on a rouge vif in chevre, but if it looks great on courchevel, I will get it (although I have a tinge of reservation that courchevel was discontinued for quality reasons).
  12. Beautiful color! Congrats!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae:
  13. ]

    Thanks, crochetbella!
  14. Japster, that's right, you are also on the hunt for rouge vif! I will also be on the look out for one for you.
  15. That's one beautiful bag. :heart: :heart: the color. Congrats on your new baby.