Result of Gauffre enabling

  1. Ok, ladies - this is what you have led me to - I had no choice . . .


    Question for owners: do you carry it with the messenger strap hanging or take it off when not using?

    Thanks for letting me share my first gauffre! :yahoo:
  2. woohoo!!!!
    congrats !love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I keep the strap on at all times
  3. YAY!!! Beautiful! I always keep the strap on (e/w satchel) and when I wear it on my arm I just drape the strap over the handles...kinda like a third handle. But I think your style bag would look great with the strap hanging 'coz the bag is long...

    Let's see you model it!!
  4. It's gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!!

    I always keep my straps on too! :p
  5. I like the look of the straps hanging, too - but wondering if it would easily accidentally drag in something (usually undesirable) . . . :yucky: (yes, I know - a little OC here)
  6. Great bag. Let's see a modelling pic when you get a chance to post one. Enjoy that gauffre!
  7. Love it!!!! Geez that is sharp!!! Yup--we need a modeling pic!!! Congrats!!
  8. I love this bag - congrats! :nuts:
  9. congrats!!
  10. Purse - Speaking from personal experience, your first gaufre will def not be your last...I'm up to two in two months :yes:

    congrats...I love it
  11. as requested:


    messenger style


    Thanks for all your sweet comments!
  12. ^looks Awesome Girl!!!!
  13. I have this one in cera - love it! I always have the strap on -- that way I can throw it over my shoulder or put it on my arm.
  14. beautiful!
  15. WHOA- the leather, the ruching, the shape: it's GORGEOUS! Congrats!