Result from wearing shoes that hurt... numbness in pinky toe?

  1. Within the past month I've noticed both of my pinky toes, particularly the one on my left foot, is not only enlarged but it's NUMB! I can't ever feel my finger touching it.

    Has this happened to anyone? I wear my size of shoes but I have a new pair in particular that was extremely tight at first and has since stretched out in the leather.

    So it's like now the shoes I think that did it to me are more comfortable. But ever since last year they have redness to them from being pressed against the sides of heels... I wear heels basically every day.

    What should I do? I'm going to talk to my mom (I know, haha) tomorrow and maybe I actually have to see a doctor? Anyone with a similar problem?? Is seeing a doctor necessary...? There doesn't seem to be any signs of them getting better.
  2. Hmmm if it's been so long you probably should see a doctor who will probably tell you to stop wearing heels!:wtf:

    Have you tried using inserts around the pinky toe area?