Resubmitting cv?

  1. I submitted my CV for a retail position and a week ago, I got asked to go in to the store for an informal chat with the hiring manager.

    I brought along my CV which she made some brief notes on, such as the number of shifts I would like to work, what I'm studying, etc.

    But since then (it has only been 1 week since the short interview), I altered my CV and added more things onto it, so my question is if I should go into the store and RESUBMIT it and explain to the hiring manager that I've altered things around, or should I just leave it and hope for the best?

  2. No, just leave it. It would be seen as pushying and annoying.
  3. I would not take in a revised CV. I see no reason not to call and follow up though. Just be polite about it and if you left significant things out of the CV you submitted, bring them up in the call.
  4. I hope you sent a follow up thank you note (via email) after your interview. Because in something like that, you could talk about the things you left out of your CV. If you haven't, do so now, and also do it as a way to follow up on the hiring timeline. Just so you know, one week isn't a long time unless the manager indicated that they were going to make their decision in that time frame. If you didn't ask, just keep in mind for future interviews that you don't want to leave without having asked about their timeline. But agree with others, don't resubmit your CV.

  5. Agree with this poster and thepoppet gave good add-ons too.
  6. Am I the only one who doesnt know what a CV is?! Is that like a resume?!
  7. It's not a term that's used very commonly in the US for general employment purposes.
  8. lol Thanks!! I was confused :shrugs:

    I wouldn't send it again. But I would make sure you send a thank you letter and specify that you are interested in hearing back from them and the best time for them to reach you and where to reach you
  9. Definitely don't resubmit. If she wants you, she'll call you. At most follow up with a quick phone call. I hate it when people resubmit applications so soon; you can explain anything you may have left out during a more formal interview.
  10. Don't resubmit. Will make you look pushy
  11. No - I think it would make you appear unorganized and pushy if you submitted an "updated" resume within a week of your first submission.
  12. I work in HR and my advice is, do not resubmit. The manager could have doubts about why you didn't submit this CV the first place or why you didn't say anything about it (?) during the interview.

    I usually reply applicants within the first couple of days but it may take a week or so if I have many interviewees for the same position and the interview process takes longer.

    Im keeping my fingers crossed for you, if the interview went well and you left a good impression, I don't think additional info (unless it's super relevant in the position) would make a difference.
  13. ^^ I just realized the thread was submitted in april, I hope you got the position!