Restyled D-Bag?

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  1. [FONT=宋体][/FONT]Hi Ladies, I have searched this forum up and down for a pre-ownedD-Bag I recently brought, but can’t find much information about it. I was onlyable to locate a picture from another thread which in the same style as my bag. Someone was very kindly to say this style isD Restyle.
    [FONT=宋体][/FONT]My bag is in the exact style of the picture attached (borrowedfrom another thread in this forum) but in smooth calf leather. Does anyone know when was this style released? Is this kind of D-Bag more expensive thanother styles? I hardly see D-Bag withshoulder patch and a plate.
    [FONT=宋体][/FONT]Thanks very much in advance.

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    Ya mine doesn't have the plate