restylane under eyes

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  1. Has anyone here done this? What was your experience?
  2. I had both eye done 2 years ago. The injected area was bruised and swollen for a week and a half . But the result was good and I am happy with it .

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  3. How bad were you swollen? Do you still see any results? Were you puffy under your eyes? I can only find horror stories it's nice to hear you had good results
  4. Swollen as in under the eye area, both of them, puff pup like half an egg shaped. Like you cried your eyes out for a whole week :sad:

    I have to wear sun glasses to cover up
    I took some homeopathic arnica Montana - SINECCH right after procedure, or else it should be worst. The medicine helps to speed up the recovery of bruising and swollen .

    Once the eye recover from the bruising & swollen , then you will see the restylane under the skin of eye. This situation last until 2-6 months. Six months as to completely disappear , as to shows no evidence . It was a lengthy process.

    It has been close to 4 years up to date for me on this restylane. One thing I have tell you it's you must find the right doctor, do your research. The eye area is extremely delicate , any inexperience medical practice will leave you in unwanting scar .

    Good luck :smile:

  5. I'm you mean you were swollen under your eyes for 2 to 6 months?? Wow that's a long time to look bad. Idk If I want to go through with it. I have head filler before and trust my doctor but I may not do it now. I have puffiness under my eyes that I feel ages me and I'd love to have filler in the hollow part.
  6. Honestly, for an under-eye filler I would recommend Belotero. It is much thinner and smoother than Restylane and doesn't cause the blue hue that Restylane does under the thin skin in that area. Restylane is a good filler, but also is prone to lumping as it's a heftier, less smooth filler. Belotero is injected more superficially, so bruising is likely. Make sure you ice a LOT and possibly take some Arnica before the procedure. Just my 2 cents. :smile:
  7. I meant swollen and bruising under the eye for less than 2weeks . But the full recovery for the restylane to look natural was 2- 6 months.
  8. Hummmm... Belotero. Thanks for your 2 cents. Will discuss with my doctor in my next visit :smile:
  9. I had Juvederm injected into my hollows. Small needles and Juvederm is very pliable. I had this done about 4 years ago so there may be newer products. Not much bruising/swelling but it hurt like a b!tch to have done! Lasted about a year.

  10. Why did you choose not to do it again? Did your eyes look worse after it dissolved.
  11. First...the pain, then the cost. Didn't last long enough for the price and pain I had to go through. I had a lot of injectables that day. A mix of Radiance/Juvederm in the smile lines then Juvederm around the mouth, chin line and between eyebrows (along with Botox).
    I wish they'd come up with a product that lasted a couple years.
    It did look good, though.
  12. I've gotten Restylane & Juvederm. I couldn't really tell the difference, although i remember a lot more swelling with the Juvederm. I looked ridiculous for several days. My eyes were practically swollen shut. I think the first doc gave me a shot of cortisone first to prevent swelling, so you might want to ask about that. I think the results were good. They both lasted a long time, about a year, although I get Botox in my crows feet, so that probably helps it last.
    I don't know your skin type, but I have very pale, thin, Northern European skin & for myself & my friends with the same skin type I've noticed that the injected product is very visible for about a month. You can see the whole line of it like a lumpy worm under your skin until it smooths out. If you can find a doc who orders 1/4 or 1/2 syringes & get it done a little at a time it's worth it for this skin type.
    Oh yes, I did have a bit of a blue cast with the Juvederm, but that went away when the lumpiness did.
  13. thank you so much for this info :smile: i was getting worried juvederm/restylane might not last that long bc some people wrote really short times but 1 year, that's wow :smile: I hope when i get it under my eyes it will last a year or almost a year *wish* i thought botox never lasts longer than 3-4 months? did botox really last you 1 year? you're right, maybe if you got more botox elsewhere in your body, maybe that helped it last longer. i never heard of botox lasting a whole year!

  14. I believe the more you have Botox the longer it lasts. I didn't like Botox but I think it had to do with the PS...trying it again at the end of the month. Hope it lifts my eyebrow arch a bit! Fingers crossed!!!
  15. I've had restylane under the eyes! Best thing I've ever done! Just make sure you go to a dermatologist or PS and ask for photos. The results are great, makes a huge difference!