Restrictions on makeup while traveling

  1. Has anyone traveled recently with the bands on liquids? I am going on vacation soon and want to bring makeup on my carry on but don't know what I can get away with because I don't want it to get confiscated ( esp when I am about to go out and spend a lot of money on quality products!) I understand liquid concealers, but mascara was also mentioned, which is quite odd to me but I can grasp that. Any experiences? I want to bring mineral powder, an eyeliner pencil, and blush. I can just see them now telling me my pencil can be used as a!
  2. well, i travelled with my whole make-up bag and never had problems, means they didn't took it away. but maybe it's different in the US.
  3. I am actually going out of the the UK , so I don't want to piss them off either ha
  4. I wanna know too. I'll be travelling out of country by this summer.
  5. I just called TSA to ask and the guy was a complete a$$, excuse me ha
    Didn't really answer my question and you could tell he was reading a script!
  6. you can bring your lipgloss.

    when i went to Boston, ma i had a couple of tubes of lipgloss and it went through fine. i think any bottle less than 8 ounces is good
  7. I have found that it varies from airport to airport (in the US). Last summer, I boarded a plane at ORD with a brand new mascara that was confiscated on my return flight from LGA. Yet, lipstick and/or chapstick hasn't been a problem.

    As irritating as it is, I have been checking my bags ever since. I don't want to be restricted as to what kind of products I travel with.
  8. I would say you shouldn't have a problem exiting the US, but I would recommend packing makeup in your check-in suitcase when you return to the US. Security abroad is really strict for passengers heading into the US, and this is probably where they will confiscate items in the security line. It happened to my mom when she flew back from Germany in September 2007.
  9. ^^ totally agree. they took my lip gloss in heathrow. =(
  10. Hi guys, check out the TSA's website on the "3-1-1" rule (3 ounces or less of liquid, in 1 bag, 1 bag per traveler): This is for travel within the US.

    I travel a lot in and outside of the US and have found that the "rules" on makeup products the OP mentioned (mascara, lip gloss, etc.) vary. I usually can take solid lip (like Chapstick and lipstick IN my purse and not in the plastic ziploc bag) but everything else goes in the ziploc bag, even mascara since TSA/security could argue it's a "liquid" format. When in doubt put it in your ziploc.

    Here's another list of what's permitted on the TSA website:
  11. I asked the guy about mineral foundation and he said it shouldnt be an issue, but I still have an unsettling feeling they will have some problem with it.

    Anyone travel with an eyeliner pencil? Also was thinking if they consider blush( the non power kind) a 'gel'?

  12. its not 3 oz combined, right? 3 oz per liquid so long all the clear bottles can fit in the bag?
  13. In my experience neither should be a problem. If the mineral foundation is powder format and the pencil is solid, like a writing pencil, neither are liquids or gels. Also, you can carry on pens and pencils in your purse, computer bag, etc. without a problem, why not an eyeliner pencil?
  14. 3 ounces per bottle and all bottles must fit into your quart-sized ziploc bag.
  15. I've flown dozens of times during the liquids ban. I came home from Austria 2 days after the first ban went in place and was forced to pack my wine in the checked luggage!!!

    Yes, 3-1-1 is correct! If you want to carry on liquids, they must be less than 3 oz, fit in 1 zip lock bag, and only 1 bag per person. Mascara, creme blush, lipstick, deodorant, toothpaste, moisturizer, sunscreen, chapstick, face wash, etc. are all LIQUIDS!