Restricter's MJ Spree

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  1. For S/S 2002, Marc Jacobs teamed with Julie Verhoeven to create the Conte de Fees collection ( For Cruise 2010, Marc is revisiting the look (

    I mention this because while browsing through the new MbMJ f/w 2010 collection, I noticed the Flights of Fancy shopper and matching coin purse and was instantly intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, that I convinced my friend to join me on a visit to MJ Row (also known as Bleecker Street). That's when I made the mistake of looking at the Special Items section of the website and compiling a wish list.

    Damage was done. Credit card carnage.

    Even my cat is ashamed of me.
  2. Fortunately, he wasn't ashamed for long. Jinjy loves a good reveal.
  3. #3 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    Even though the Flights of Fancy shopper won't be available in department stores til August, MbMJ had it. However, I was distracted by THIS piece from the collection.
  4. The cat bag is waaaaaaay nicer than Conte de Fees ever was. And the accessories. Oh my, the accessories. The ones coming for LV Cruise 2010 are going to be at least $450-500. The MbMJ accessories are all under $100. The ronde isn't a coin purse -- it's a mirror!
  5. Here's a closeup of the cat bag.
  6. I love that, it is so cute! Look like your cat in intrigued (or jealous!):lol:
  7. But wait...there's more. I don't recall seeing this coated canvas bowler on the website. The boutique had them with purple, pink, green or orange writing. Jinjy LOVES it.
  8. I really, really wanted a reversible tote. They come in all kinds of cool color combos and I can't explain why I needed the hot pink/purple combo other than I just needed it. That's a good enough reason, right? Besides, it's Jinjy-approved.
  9. Someone should have stopped me then and there but nobody did. Come on, the wallet goes perfectly with the reversible bag or any of my LV Sprouse goodies. As for the studded pochette/clutch, that'll look great with the LV Courtney coming in October (and did you know it was in the August issue of Elle?).
  10. Ok - super cuteness overload! I ADORE that little mirror with the mouse and heart on it! WOW! And the CPs! and the bag! I am in heaven :smile:
  11. Jinjy can't wait to see what I bring home next.
  12. What a great haul, restricter! Thanks so much for sharing. I especially love the mirror! I might need that. :graucho:
  13. Ohhh my that mirror is TDF!!!!
  14. WOW - what lovely unique items!! Thanks for the reveals and love that cat!
  15. Wow, great items! I love how curious cats are - they really are fascinating animals.