Restricted from selling for 30 days?

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  1. Ok-if this has been addressed somewhere else, please point me in the right direction. I've been buying/selling on ebay since 2002 & have 100% positive feedback. Well, I listed an LV Damier speedy & someone bought it at the last minute. I never received payment & was told the buyer was suspended. Nice. So I relist & it doesn't sell. I decide to relist again & lower my price slightly (I really want to unload this bag) & I'm told I can't sell it again for 30 days b/c of counterfeiters, yada, yada. I sent them an email asking for another chance to relist, my feedbacks good, etc....has anyone here had any luck getting this turned around or do I just need to be patient & wait my 30 days?

  2. I've listed a Marc Jacobs bag twice consecutively, and on 3rd I got an e-mail that this can be my last relisting, after that I will be put on hold for 30 days. (same reasons - counterfeiting, etc.). Thankfully, my bag sold, but I guess that's their policy.
  3. They did the same thing to me and my evilbay feedback is impeccable! I was furious because all I have listed were some jeans and about 10 of my coach bags. I'm beginning to hate evilbay.
  4. Lots of threads about this but yeah I've gotten this as well. My feedback is 100% as well as buyer and seller and I've been on Ebay since 2001; they would not lift the restriction. I was not even able to revise an active listing to add a Best Offer. :cursing:
  5. It's best to just go along with it. They are jerks and you can't do anything to fight them. I had one, but it did come off after 30 days, so was o.k.
  6. Thanks for the info, guys! I figured there were some threads about it, but unsure of even what to search for. I'm so annoyed! I didn't really 'need' the $$, when I 'thought' I could try to sell it as long as I wanted to. Now, b/c I can't, I really want the $$. It'd be one thing if it were free to sell on there, but they are MAKING $$! I'm just so aggravated! And I assume, there will be no relist credit after my 30 ( I could've sworn my email said 90) days? <sigh>
  7. How do I know when the restriction is lifted? There is NO indication that one exists anywhere on my *bay. The only way I knew was when I went through making a whole new listing and when I clicked List It, I got the 'restricted' popup. Grr.
  8. I've had the same issue. I was restricted and I really can't afford that right now. I researched the web for some other alternative and I found a new marketplace call Bonanzle. I signed up and in less than an hour I listed my first purse. It was sooooo easy!!!

    Anyone interested can go to They also have very cool people that you can chat and blog with.
  9. Same issue here. Impeccable feedback and registered with Evilbay since 2003, and I go to list a few Coach bags and BAM! I'm blocked out. Evilbay fees are ridiculous. I've gone to Bonanzle.
  10. i'm on bonanzle too now!
  11. Thanks for the Bonanzle tips, everyone. I offered the bag to my sister today & if she declines, I think that will be my next step. I'm glad to hear it wasn't just me! And THEN I get an email from ebay asking me to take a survey about their customer service! HA! I'm still pissed so I deleted-I probably write something in anger that would get me banned forever!
  12. Don't give up. They lifted my ban about 4 days ago! Yaaaayyyyy!
    And now i can sell as much designer bags as i want and revise as many times as i want. It just takes time. Plus a little b*tching, p-ing and moaning helps move things along!
    It's the crooks that make it bad for the good gals.
    I'm from the balenciaga forum. A little bored!
  13. Is it possible to just start a new listing and not hit the relist button?
  14. As far as I can tell, there is no way to know. I basically save whatever listing I'm working on when I get the restriction message and then every couple of days, I open it up and try to submit it. Eventually it goes through. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when. It's a little weird and arbitrary, but there's lots of threads on this, with lots of different theories. Good luck! Eventually, you will have the restriction lifted. Just hang in there :yes: