Restoring Vintage LV

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  1. A little while ago I purchased a vintage LV baby pap from Anns Fabulous Finds. And while I love it dearly :heart: :heart: :heart: I think I could do it justice by restoring it slightly. It's got some scuffing on the vachetta trim, the strap is tearing and the hardware could use a polish. I was just wondering how I'd go about fixing these problems - Can I do it myself (except the tearing of the strap) or do I take it to someone? If I take it to someone do I go just a leather person or do I go back to LV?

    I love this bag but I just want it to reach it's full potential.

    Here's the pics from AFF: Mini Tootsie Roll / Vintage Designer / Designer Accessories / AFF - Ann's Fabulous Finds
  2. You should take it to LV and have them repair it.:yes:
  3. ^^ Yeah i agree.. i'm sure they get such requests!
  4. don't doit yourself! bring it back to the LV store and they will do it for you. just don't tell them where you got it from. ;)
  5. I hope LV is more reponsive to your request to clean/restore the bag. I have a COACH bag and Coach does not offer restoration/cleaning services. Try this website: . Good luck!

    If anyone out there knows how to bleach or even out the leather trim on a coach bag, let me know!