Restoring Vintage LV


Addicted to Mulberry
Feb 1, 2006
A little while ago I purchased a vintage LV baby pap from Anns Fabulous Finds. And while I love it dearly :heart: :heart: :heart: I think I could do it justice by restoring it slightly. It's got some scuffing on the vachetta trim, the strap is tearing and the hardware could use a polish. I was just wondering how I'd go about fixing these problems - Can I do it myself (except the tearing of the strap) or do I take it to someone? If I take it to someone do I go just a leather person or do I go back to LV?

I love this bag but I just want it to reach it's full potential.

Here's the pics from AFF: Mini Tootsie Roll / Vintage Designer / Designer Accessories / AFF - Ann's Fabulous Finds