Restoring vintage Gucci


Zeta lady forever!
Jan 1, 2007
I have a great deal of vintage authentic Gucci from the 80's and 90's, many of which are perfect outside but need the linings replaced. Vintage Gucci handbags have linings that flake and I don't like it. I took one to the Gucci counter at Neiman Marcus to see if it can be sent out to be restored. I was told it could not. Does anyone know of a place in the Philadelphia area that does a good job of restoring vintage Gucci? I am afraid to just take my bags anywhere to have the linings replaced. I don't want a hack job done on my bags, and I still want the serial numbers intact. There are no Gucci stores in the Philadelphia area so I don't know what to do. Or does anyone know of a homemade solution to stop the flaking that I can do myself? I can't sew, so replacing the linings myself is out of the question.


Jun 7, 2006
I would def not try to fix it myself.... Try calling a dept store handbag dept or a handbag boutique in Philly/KOP and ask if they can recommend such a place. Good luck!