Restoring Metallic Flaking/Rubbing Off??

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  1. My SA just called me about a metallic reissue the store had transferred in!! :yahoo:

    But after reading about the issues of the metallic parts rubbing off with use, or worse, flaking off after only a few uses, I'm a little hesitant to commit before I find out for sure that IF this does happen, Chanel would be able to restore it to its original condition. :sweatdrop:

    Your opinions please?? And if any of you ladies had this done already, please share your experiences!! Thanks! :heart:
  2. I have the metallic red, blue and black 227. I have had no problems whatsoever and find these bags to be pretty durable. I am reasonably careful with them. I just took my red for a 4 day trip and used it the entire time with no issues. By the way, I got many compliments about the bag including at the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive. The boutiques did not get the red and some of the sales people had never even seen the red. I say go for it if you love the bag.
  3. I have also wondered if the rubbing off/flaking would be an issue. I would like to hear more opinions.
  4. I spoke to Chanel about it and the SA told me that Chanel would be able to restore the bag like new if it was to get rub marks.
  5. I've had no problems with my metallic reissue.
  6. Thanks everyone! That's good to know, I'm definitely getting it then! :smile:
  7. i was thinking about getting a metallic reissue too cos i loveeee the colors!! but i spoke with the SAs the first thing they told me about reissue is that the color will rub off..and according to the SAs they're not able to fix it once it rubs off or flakes cos it's a coating or something! so no metallic for me! ): i know the girls on the forum have no problem with metallics but if you're not a careful user (like me) i'd say think thrice before acting!
  8. I have the metallic purple and metallic red and have had no problems either.
  9. I've got 4 metallics and have had no problems with either. I feel the metallic reissues are actually quite durable. It's worth should go for it!
  10. IMO, I think the signs of fading / flaking are subjective to climate, handling and wear and tear. Some people might not experience it while others do. However, I think it's just a matter of time - the metallic reissues have not been around for a long time but merely 1-2 years. We shall see how things go in time to come.. in the mean time, enjoy and have fun! Life's too short to keep worries in line all the time :graucho:
  11. I have 2 metallics and I have no problems... In fact I think they are easier to manage than my lambskins ...