Restoring faded silver bag


fetished scientist
Nov 16, 2011
Queens, NY
Have a silver convertible satchel I got from eBay with the paint fading.... I googled for a bit and they said that acrylic paint is leather pai t so long as the dye isn't soaked into the leather (which it isn't)
I'm dying to do this- I even got a can of krylon... Paid $40 for the bag... No stains or rips just fading....

Something tells me that Wednesday will be the ripe day for this mission. I will take b4 and after pics so stay tuned....
My big fear is not the compatibility with the paint but that color difference that will turn this into a project of meticulous nature.... All of which I can handle but I have laundry to do .. Hmm.. Need tape to protect then hardware and black zipper base...

Ps- I'm a poor student plz dont lecture me let the crazy girl run her experiment and she will share her results