Restoring/cleaning Brass Hardware


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Nov 29, 2006
I love this site!! Just joined, and have found the best info. and entertainment on it! I love vintage Coach but the problem I am having is, what do I do to get the brass hardware shiny again? It seems to have some sort of clear coat on it and it starts coming off and then the brass looks tarnished and in time scratches. Is it solid brass? Help! Want to make them look pretty again! I appreciate any and all input I get.



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I have a Coach Gramercy bag with brass hardware that gets tarnished after a while. I have used Brasso with great success -- you should be able to find it at places like the grocery store, drugstore or mass market store (i.e. Target). You just need a very small bit on a lintless cloth that you don't mind trashing. It also worked beautifully on a brass Coach key fob that had turned almost completely black.


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Jul 16, 2007
Brasso may leave a whitish residue that does not come off. I use Tarn-x on purses that only need the brass cleaned. It is clear and does not damage the leather. It also works on the brass zippers without leaving residue on the fabric tape. The brass does have a coating on it. You can remove it with very fine steel wool (000). Use that also where you do have scratches that you want to remove. Yes the hardware is solid brass. If you find a Coach bag that seems to have the "gold" finish rubbing off to where you see silver, then it is plated and probably not genuine Coach. (I restore Coach bags for resale)