Restoration Hardware: Quality?

  1. I am looking to buy an Armoire in the next few weeks, and found a few that I like at Restoration Hardware. Given their steep prices, I want to make sure that it is worth it.

    Has anyone had any experience with Restoration Hardware (good or bad)? How is their customer service?
  2. I bought a huge dining room table from them last year. I love it. I did get it on sale which was even better. I think the piece is very well made, solid and heavy. Everyone compliments this piece of furniture. I was also very impressed with the delivery people. The table is in one piece but long and two guys delivered it through my double front doors. They were wearing while slippers over their shoes so they would not get dirt on my floors and were very careful with carrying the table. I would order from them again. I do have my eye on a armoire too along with some chairs.
  3. I'm sure you can find some reviews online. Did you go into the store?

    I ordered some floor registers from them and they were great. I think I bought my little alarm clock from them which is great (still works, but the little plastic winder thingy broke off; need to use pliers now), and I get my foot duvets (slippers) from them (those fall apart in about 6 months but I use them like crazy).

    My sister loves their paint. I think she bought draperies and rods from them. She really loves that store.

    I don't know anyone who bought furniture from them.
  4. Oh dear...where to start. The quality is fine-but I am not sure the company is terribly together overall. I bought one of their chandeliers back in April, and it was FINALLY installed in my foyer yesterday, because it came without a critical piece of hardware and they couldn't seem to find the right thing to send us.

    Long story short, it took over a month and a half of back and forth with the local store manager, customer care at their corporate office, and their warehouse people to 1) determine what piece we were actually missing (we told them several times, they apparently did not believe us at first) 2) figure out that it was a vendor issue and the vendor was leaving the piece out for some reason and 3) locate the hardware and send it to us. It was honestly a comedy of errors to get the problem solved (I won't go into all the details here, but PM me if you're curious- it's a very long and involved story).

    If it hadn't been so beautiful, it would have been packed up and returned the minute we realized the hardware piece was missing--but I was in love with it, so we put up with the wait (and I have to say it looks STUNNING now that it's finally up). In their defense, the manager, customer care, and warehouse people were all lovely to deal with and did everything they could to keep us updated throughout the ordeal. And they are making up for the inconvenience in a very satisfactory way--but be prepared for some possible frustration if you order something. We will most likely shop there again, but we will be expecting the unexpected when we do. There is a reason they don't have a social media presence, and I have a feeling it's because most customers aren't as patient as we were and any facebook/twitter accounts would be plastered with frustrated complaints.
  5. We've purchased a few things from RH in recent months and have had a good experience all around.

    - Leather chair similar to the Churchill. Love it, have had it for years. No issues.

    - French casement cabinet and sideboard. Gorgeous pcs and the hardware looks antique-ish. Ordered online, delivered before the estimated date. Phone calls re: delivery windows came when promised.

    - English roll arm couch. Ordered online, delivered before estimated date. Noticed a snag in the fabric after delivery guys left and when I called customer service, they scheduled a take away and redelivery date within two weeks. And told me to continue using the pc I had. Love the couch, it's 8ft long and extra deep. I could sleep on it overnight and be comfortable.

    - Vintage washed linen sheets and pillowcases. Seriously, buy these. Forget about thread count, if you live somewhere warm you won't be sorry. They are very cool if you're a warm sleeper. Also bought the Vintage washed Belgian linen quilt and euro shams, and stonewashed duvet cover. Great quality, love the colors.

    - Martine armchair in vintage velvet. Delivery took longer bc of custom fabric, but it was still delivered 2 weeks before the estimate. I had kinda forgot about it so I was really excited to receive it. Gorgeous and classic pc.

    The only thing we're still resolving is the bed skirt. Seems the linen bedding has differing dye lots. The store I'm working with now (recently moved) has been same-day responsive through email and very easy to deal with. I've been beyond happy with everything! The return policy is genourous for furniture and then when it expires I'm pretty sure you have plenty of time to exchange.

    When we were figuring out the new spaces, my husband and I would go to the store and pick the couch or room setting we liked and hang out for a bit, without the sales associate. Good luck deciding - we've had a couple instances that could've turned bad, but RH didn't let it get close to that point.
  6. Forgot to add, friends and family discount is 20% right now. Expires July 4th. Code is "friends".