Restoration Hardware light fixture pics.

  1. I was oblivious to the greatness of Restoration Hardware, until I saw a picture of a chandelier in the thread for new Home Decor. I didn't see any threads specifically for pictures of nothing but RH light fixtures, but I'd love to see pictures if you have a RH chandelier. I'm building and I have found a few I like on the web site, but a lot of the pics are just a picture of the light. I'd love to see them in actual spaces.

    I've become a bit obsessed with the RH website and fixtures, but if anyone has any sugguestions for other places please share.

    Just in case you have any sugguestions, the light is going into my living room. The room is 17x18, with 10 ft. ceilings.
  2. Trying doing a search on for restoration hardware lighting, and you'll get a lot of good pictures and ideas. I was on the site constantly while we were building and got a lot of good ideas.
  3. I know I've been taken to through a Google image, but never thought to go to the website. Thanks.
  4. Have you seen their catalogs online? I believe there is one specifically for fixtures. I received their mega catalog recently and it is simply TDF! I love the whole monochrome aesthetics of their room designs. The catalog is almost like a getaway for me.

  5. I got a catalog when I went to the store in Houston, but I can't find it anywhere. As crazy as that sounds it's lost. I kind of feel like you looking at the catalog. I wanted it the other night, but I was debating between two lights and wanted to see them side by side. I love looking through the room gallery, especially of the baby&child RH.

    I ended up ordering this the other day and got $100 off. I'm going to put it above my dining room table.

  6. I'm actually re-doing my kitchen right now and after tons of searching, went with RH pendant lights for over my island.

    Now I'm debating one of their moroccan, glass ball pendants for my entry way.

    I'm a little worried its too girly, but, it's soooo pretty and a great price at around $500.
  7. I have been through the building process and would be happy to show you some of my actual lighting photos, but I don't know how to upload them from my iPhone. I have TPF app and have read the FAQ thread on how to do it, but I just don't get it. I am totally ignorant when it comes to things like this! But would be happy to help out in any way I can! All of my lighting fixtures were ordered locally and delivered to the house. I got the contractor's discount this way and paid wholesale for everything. I used a lot of different manufacturers for each fixture. I wanted each room and bathroom to be different (same with all my plumbing fixtures). If you have any questions, I would be happy to help. My full time job was getting bids for EVERYTHING -- from subcontractors to flooring, fixtures to cabinetry.
  8. I'd love to see some pictures of the acutal light in a house. The only way I know how to upload pictures, is through I want each room to be different too.

  9. I think I know which glass ball pendant you are talking about it. Gorgeous! Depending on what size you need, you might want to check out the baby&child section for lighting too. There were several chandeliers I liked.
  10. Good suggestion, I'll check it out. :smile:
  11. I just caught your post. The light fixture you chose is amazing, I think it's going to really give any dining room a great mood enhancement. If I happen to come across it in the catalog (in a room), I'll let you know the page number...

    I live in a Victorian, and unfortunately we never had all the ceilings wired for lighting, I wish we did tho. The upstairs all use sconces or table lamps...
  12. I don't have the light that you posted in the photo, sorry if I was misleading in my response. I have a bunch of different lighting though. I finally figured out how to post pictures. So, if there is a particular type of lighting you are interested in, I am more than happy to help post photos to give you so ideas or (hopefully) inspiration. Let me know what you are looking into at the moment (chandelier, bathroom lighting, sconces, pendant lighting, etc.).
  13. Oh, you weren't misleading. I meant any light. I have that light I posted for the dining room, and then I have a chandelier I bought off of Hautelook for the master bath. Right now, I'm looking into everything. I love the look of sconces I just don't know where I have in my house for them to go. By the way, you are so sweet to take the time offer advice!!

    This is the run down of rooms I still need lighting for:

    kitchen: above the sink (should I go for just simple?)
    kitchen: above the island (I was thinking hanging pendants)
    living room
    porch front and back
    wash room
  14. Thanks!! I got a shipping confirmation the other day from RH, but it was only for the light bulbs I ordered. I had to order 5 to bump me up to what I needed to get the $100 off. I was excited and impressed for a minute thinking the fixture was already on its way.
  15. Here is the pendant lighting I have over one of my islands. I have 4 of them.