Restocking Camellia Jellies at Department Stores?

Sep 14, 2006
San Francisco
have u tried barneys?i know they have a lot when i got them like 2 weeks ago, but they were already sold out at most department stores at that time. and barneys still have them in any size!i think it's worth a try..
good luck!


Aug 25, 2006
i will most likely buy a pair off ebay for the ridiculous price since they are impossible to find in canada...but i was wondering if i should order one full size up and also, are these the type of sandals you can wear everyday or once in a blue moon? i have never even thought of spending this much money on jelly shoes, i just want to make sure they are worth the money


Sep 17, 2007
Yes you should order one size up, I usually wear a size 7 in other shoes, Tory Burch, Coach, Cole Haan, Sneakers, etc...but I had to buy a 38 in these shoes. Also, you could wear them everyday for sure, but I'd recommend wearing them with shorter length pants because I have heard of color transfer from jeans. Also...why would you want to cover them up, right? ;)

HTH and good luck!!