Restaurants in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill?

  1. I know there are a few NC people on here, so maybe someone can give me a suggestion. I'm flying to NC to visit my boyfriend in February for Valentine's Day. He just moved down there & he's doing his residency, so he doesn't have much free time to explore the area.

    Can anyone suggest a nice restaurant for us to go to? We probably won't be going out on Valentine's Day night because my flight arrives pretty late, but we're looking to go somewhere nice on Friday or Saturday.

    Something quiet, mostly child free and non-chain would be ideal.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. OOh-my best girlfriend lives in Chapel Hill and is an HR director at The Carolina Inn there-she raves about their restaurant! Might be worth checking out:

    Chapel Hill Hotels, North Carolina Hotels, North Carolina Vacation | The Carolina Inn

    Also, I just saw a Rachel Ray show where she was visitng the Chapel Hill area, you might find some ideas by going to Food Network and looking for it.

    have fun! Chapel Hill is such a nice area!
  3. since you aren't getting much activity on the thread i thought i might offer this suggestion. there is a guy on another forum who lives in raleigh and is all the time talking about the great restaurants he visits. if it is allowed i could mention the forum but i'm not sure if it is. you could pm me or just let me know if i can mention the other forum. :yes:
  4. PM'ing you now, queen! Thanks!

    Nishi-thanks! The Caroline Inn looks good!
  5. I think there's a Capital Grille downtown Raleigh. UUUMMMMMM!
  6. My sis' SIL lives in NC... I forgot where though!!! There was this hella good pizza place that we went to called... Mellow Mushroom Pizza? I LOVE THAT PLACE!
  7. The peddler is a nice spot if you like red meat. My wife knows the area a lot better that I do. I will ask her and get back with another post tonight or send a quick pm.