restaurants in nyc

  1. im going to nyc in 2 weeks :yahoo: ...any suggestions on restaurants i have to try?

    last time i went we went to rainbow room, spice market, serendipity, and some really good italian place in little italy..

    i think atleast one night, we wanna go somewhere hip and trendy..the bf was suggesting bond st. or morimotos

    any other suggestions?
  2. Megu, Asia de Cuba, Tao are always trendy. River Cafe for a view of the Manhattan skyline. Good food and service with the pricetag to match: Daniel, Alain Ducasse, Le Bernardin, Per Se (reserve 2-3 months in advance).
  3. Where in the city are you gonna be.. theres thousaaannnndddssss of resturants...

    Let me know and Ill narrow it down for ya ;)
  4. Friends of mine wee just at Per Se, they got on the wait list for the day they wanted and they got a cll back. At Perse you have to call back to confirm your ressie 24 hrs in advance. Many people don't and they use the wait list. They said it was TDF.
  5. Balthazar in SoHo - hip, trendy, delicious! Make your reservations NOW, though. It's a popular spot. If you have to take an early or late reservation, opt for later.
  6. It's sister restaurant, Pastis, is great for brunch.

    Payard, in the upper East 70's and Lexington is great for dessert.
  7. For killer cheese fondue I'd recommend Artisinal in NYC. It has fine aged Artisinal cheeses. My favorite fondue is the 100 blend of cheeses fondue!!
  8. Per Se- call the day of- they always have cancellations and sometimes have trouble filling the dining room for that evening- I know this from someone on the inside.
    Buddah Bar in the Meatpacking is cute, Babbo, Cafe Grey, La Goulue, Serafina (for lunch).
  9. OMG my husband would have gone mad for that fondue! Maybe next time...
  10. For great french restaurant in Reuel's soho, ask to have dinner in the garden. Its not an open garden so don't worry you won't be cold.
    I always love Asia de Cuba.
    Pastis for brunch for brunch is definitely a great pick. It is very trendy and you can go to Jeffery's for some shopping.
    A great mexican place is Dos Caminos.
  11. If you want something trendy I would suggest Mr. Chow, Butter, or Koi. Don't be surprised if you see celebs at any of these places!! I also love Rue 57.
  12. KOI and Butter are my faves! Expensive tho... but fantastic atmosphere and hot celeb spot! Youre not allowed cameras tho :sad:
  13. Butter was great and the atmosphere is amazing. There is a great vibe and music. I don't recommend Mr. Chows I have heard great reviews about it but I also heard disastrously bad reviews.
  14. what kind of food is at per se and butter?