Restaurant Suggestions needed in Boston

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  1. Hi All, My boyfriend is graduating from Boston College this weekend, and we need some last minute suggestions for great restaurants in Boston. He is looking for a steakhouse type thing... we always used to go to Ken's Steakhouse (the people that made Ken's salad dressing, lol) but we're kind of sick of that place... anywhere that is LIKE a nice steak house or his other option would be Italian. Thanks in Advance! Kiss :heart:
  2. if you go to you can search for restaurants in the boston area by cuisine, location, rating, etc. i love phantom gourmet!
  3. oo thanks so much, rainyjewels!!
  4. -Ruth Chris's
    -The Capital Grille

    Those are the steakhouses around Boston I can think of off the top of my head... def. check out the phantom gourmet site, and also yelp & citysearch for reviews :smile:
  5. Rialto
  6. Top of the hub
    Legal Seafood

    Santarpio's pizza, the best!
  7. I second Legal Seafood, although I'm not sure if they have steak because I never get past the lobster ... it's my favorite place to go in Boston.
  8. the oak room in the fairmont is really nice, too. flemings is also really nice and maggianos is a great place to go with a group. for dessert- finale.

    twinkle, how do yo know santarpios???
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!! Keep em coming!

    So far at the top of the list is Anthony's Pier 4 on the water
  10. Steak place: Capital Grille (kinda expensive)
    Seafood/sushi: Clio (super expensive but yummy), blue fin (great price and good food),
  11. DH is from the Boston area :smile:
  12. If you're looking for nice and eco-friendly italian try Mare in the North End. It's one of my new favorite places there.

    Also great dependable italian food can be found at a cozy hole-in-the-wall called Monica's. I never leave there unhappy.

    As for steak try Smith and Wolensky (I think I spelled that wrong) or Ruth's Chris. Both know how to cook a good steak. Also for a little lesser known place that does a great hangar steak, try Navy Yard Bistro in Charlestown.

    Good luck finding a place to eat and enjoy Boston. :smile:
  13. i went to a FANTASTIC smaller italian restaurant in Boston about 3 years was called Papa Razi's or Papparazi's or something like that (i think it was the first, like a play on words). All i know about location was that it was a couple blocks from The Ritz Carlton on the corner of Arlington and Newbury. it was a couple blocks going in the direction AWAY from the public garden.

    it was phenomenal. we actually went twice while we were there. it was a smaller place, we had never heard of it and just sort of wandered in.
  14. Fire and Ice is a lot of fun, the Capitol Grill (never been but always hear wonderful things- one of my friends actually got proposed to here), oh yes and Vinny T's for Italian!! theres several locations, its DELICIOUS!!
  15. We went to Papparazi before and we werent too thrilled with the food... :shrugs: