Restaurant served me undercooked chicken...

  1. I am so annoyed right now! I was having dinner at a Thai restaurant I have been to on several occasions, and ordered the Gai yang (barbecued chicken). It took a long time to come out, and when it did I just started eating the first piece. Halfway through the second piece, I noticed that the meat near the bone was pink and looked underdone. I took another piece, to check it, and when I cut into it, the center was not pink, but looked raw!:throwup: How gross! I am hoping the first piece I ate was fine, because I think I would have noticed if it was raw. I feel fine, and it has been close to 5 hours since dinner, but I have to wait for a couple days probably before I know if I will have food poisoning or not. :hysteric: If I do get sick, I will have the health department on that place so fast it will make their heads spin.
  2. That is absolutely disgusting! Did you let them know?
  3. wow,I am so sorry that happened!
    I used to have that happen alot when I lived in Idaho. I got into the habit after that of ordering my chicken well done. I do worry in Thai restaurants because they have different standards. In LA where I live, we have rating systems that gives A,B or C. An A rating is the best. The asian and Indian restaurants had the lowest ratings based on lots of factors like refrigeration issues and old food.
    I hope you are ok!
  4. Thanks, I hope I didn't eat enough to get sick. Yes, I sent the chicken back and showed them what happened. I have never had that happen there before, so I hope it is a one time accident. I will make sure I cut into chicken and check it whenever and where ever I eat out, from now on.
  5. This has happened to me before too when I was in highschool. Except in that restaurant's case, they ALWAYS served their chicken like that. They were disgusting.
  6. Wow ....this is one of the reason why I don't like eating chicken. Totally reminded me of Dinner this week when I found a beetle in my salad and I was so close to eating it too! Lucky for me I'm picky and I was checking thourgh my salad for tomatoes (don't eat it) ugh!
  7. This happened at my old University once....absolutely disgusting. That's why I'm always hesitant ordering chicken :s
  8. hope you are fine, I am sure you would have noticed if the piece that you had eaten had been undercooked, but it is just outrageous. Undercooked chicken is just so bad for you.

    I too, only eat chicken at home now where I know it has been cooked right through.
  9. ugh, i hate when that happens.
  10. that happened to my little brother when he was 5. he had ordered chicken and it was all raw. EWW
  11. yech! hate the thought of undercooked chicken (yet I'll eat raw fish, rare beef, etc...) but chicken .. is just so scary.
    I hope you let the restaurant know about it.... !
  12. I'm glad you feel fine so far ... that's scary. :shocked: When you told them, what did they say? Did they offer any compensation?
  13. Why'd you keep going back?? yuck! :s
  14. gross!! i'm sorry you had a bad experience there...just the thought of undercooked chicken makes me wanna puke! at least you told them it was undercooked and hopefully they'll cook it thoroughly next time...
  15. That happened to me once at a steakhouse. I was eating chicken wings when I looked down and saw raw meat inside. I was so grossed out, I went home and vomitted. Luckily, I didn't get food poisoning, but the thought of having possibly eaten raw chicken made me so nauseous.