Restaurant recommendations for Los Angeles, CA?

  1. If any of you ladies have suggestions for good places to eat, please share them!

    I love food and will be in LA for a couple weeks this month. :yahoo: I don't really have a set price range.. cheap or high class is all good for me! I'm going to make reservations at Spago but I also love cheap stuff like In-n-Out burger. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .. thanks! :yes:
  2. Best place for breakfast is Griddle Cafe on Sunset. Great coffee and to die for pancakes. Also located right next to the Director's Guild Building so tons of celebrity sightings.

    Barney's Beanery, 4th Floor of Barney's New York, is so good too. Pricey but worth it as a shopping break location.

    Best Place for late night food is Canters or Pink's Hot Dogs. Canters is open 24 Hours and located right across the street from a great live music venue called the Largo. Can't go wrong with Pink's Famous Chili Dogs.

    Lastly, check out Sprinkles for the cupcakes. Always a line but so worth it. Red velvet!!'re going to have so much fun.
  3. Those are some great ideas, thanks! :yes: I especially love cupcakes and other sweets, so I'm going to have to drop by Sprinkles for sure!
  4. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles! :smile:

    So many choices...where in LA will you be? That may affect some of your options. You can always check out for what true foodies recommend.
  5. I will be staying in Pasadena, but want to explore all of LA and the surrounding areas. I plan on on going to Laguna Beach (I went to Santa Monica beach before and it wasn't as nice as I expected) and maybe Disneyland as well!

  6. OMG I 100% agree with everything you said. Except my favorite flavor at Sprinkles is the Peanut Butter :drool:

    A few other places I can add

    Mr Chow's for Chinese, The Ivy, Okay now for cheaper places. If you are going to be in LA on a Monday you have to go to Dolce, They are on Melrose. Monday's everything on the food menu is 1/2 price. Great food at a great price for a really nice place. And I suggest if you go to Dolce skipping the dessert and walking 2 blocks west and go to Sweet Lady Janes (YUM!!!).
    If you are looking for Cheap Taco's I say Tito's on Washington Blvd in Culver City.

    Oh if you you go to Griddle (which I HIGHLY recommend) try to get there as early as possible. If you get there after 9AM there could be a LONG wait. Like an hour+

    I would also recommend Farmers Market they have every type of food there. And while you are there you can go shopping at the Grove.

    I will add more as I think of must go places
  7. im subscribing to this thread. im always straddling the sf/la and im gonna be eventually moving down there so i must know this stuff! thanks
  8. I always hear good things about the Melting Pot for fondue, there's a location in Pasadena.

    I liked Taste on Melrose for traditional American food, it's right across the street from the MJ boutique.

    Koi is a trendy sushi place with great ambiance and paparazzi outside.

    For Mexican taqueria, definitely go to King Taco, they have a website with several locations thru LA. Love their carnitas sopes, tacos, and nachos. Can't say that I'm a fan of Tito's Taco, don't like their fried hardshells and don't eat beef.

    Found a new place on Lincoln in Santa Monica for sit down Mexican called Casablanca, they make their own flour tortillas and they're deeeelish! There's also another sit down Mexican place that's really good across the street from Paramount studios on Melrose that's got killer margaritas and enchiladas.
  9. Oh, and any thai place that's on hollywood blvd in thai town is great! There's one called Sanamluang that has awesome pad see yoo. There's also a thai temple in north hollywood that has a food market on weekends; great authentic thai dishes to be found there.

    Iwata on Ventura blvd in sherman oaks is an affordable sushi place with GREAT sushi.
  10. MMMM....the APPLE PAN in West LA for the best homemade burgers and fries. Everyone sits at a have to stand in line waiting for people to finish so you can mosey onto a stool! Then there's Lanatai on Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, El Torito Grill in Beverly Hills, El Cholo in Santa Monica, Lawry's in Beverly Hills, and Tommy's! :rolleyes: I never go out. These are places I dream of now. I have four kids. What an experience that would be......:roflmfao:
  11. I'm from pasadena so i can help if you need to know anything. Definetly go to king taco in old town in pasadena, they have the best tacos. Portos bakery in glendale is really good too, try the potoatoe balls. Jlos resturant madres is in pasadena, its pretty good but pretty pricy. There are a lot of good resturants in old town.
  12. Oh and go to pinkberry!
  13. So many good suggestions! :drool: Thanks!

    I've been to Farmer's Market before, you're right they had a lot of selection. I had a strawberry crepe that was very delicious. I also like their validated parking! One thing I find ridiculous in LA is how you have to pay for parking practically anywhere, even if you're just going to the post office.

    I'd like to hear more about Koi and the Ivy. I've heard mixed reviews.. Is the food really good, or is it just famous because celebrities like going there?

    Oh! And have anyone of you gone to Mi Piace in Old Town Pasadena? I passed by there last time but didn't get a chance to try out.
  14. Also, do they serve pancakes during Lunch time at Griddles? I'm not much of an early riser.. :shame:
  15. I have never been to Koi (and I live only 3 blocks away) but I have heard good things about it. I have been to the Ivy 4 times and I have always had the same thing. Grilled Shrimp. I really liked it but it was nothing really extra special. My DH has had the Seafood risotto and really liked it. He also had the pizza there and he said that was excellent.

    Yes, Griddle serves pancakes all day. But they close 4 PM

    Here is the menu

    My DH had these last weekend and he said they were very yummy

    “The Golden Ticket”~ Brown-sugar baked bananas cooked inside our buttermilk batter filled with caramel, walnuts, and streusel. Topped with whipped cream, caramel and streusel.

    Only a million calories but he said worth every bite.

    They also have great pumpkin pancakes.


    Here is the menu for Dolce. (Owned by Ashton Kutcher)

    I really recommend going on Monday when everything on the food menu is 1/2 price.