Restaurant Nutrition Information Links

  1. I found this great site with links to a lot of restaurants. Extremely helpful when trying to eat healthy.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Thanks very much- I'm looking at it now, and it seems very helpful!
  4. hmm quite interesting.. thanks for the link.
  5. This is really helpful! I'm checking out some of my standard restaurant selections and I'm APPALLED!! I've been eating so many calories and never even realized it. No more Coldstone for me for awhile!
  6. Eating out even when you think it may be ok/healthy usually isn't! It is kinda frightening!!!! Any McDonald fries lovers check out the calories and fat there... yikes!! :Push:
  7. If you guys are really into your nutrition theres this programme that you can download called foodworks, you can put all your foods in and it will give you a nuritional breakdown, I dont know if anyone else is into it, but im so addicted to using this, dont know if its a healthy to tho