Restaurant Menus*~

  1. So, everyone in my circle thinks I'm crazy, but I thought I might find someone TPF who was equally nuts!

    Ok, so who scopes out restaurant menus before they go out to eat? I MUST see a menu before I agree to go somewhere. That why I can plan ahead and think about my choices! Even if it's a nicer restaurant that changes their menu daily, I have them fax me a copy!

    Anyone else do this?
  2. If I know the place has a menu online I'll scope it out before I go. It's not a big deal if I can't, but it speeds things up when we get there... It's usually really hard for me to choose, because I'm not a picky eater. I get indecisive, because there's always too many things that look good :p
  3. Absolutely!

    The time I went to a big-name restaurant and they used Frosted Flakes as the main ingredient in my dessert (ugh) changed me forever into a menu reader!
  4. Yeah.. I don't make the restaurant fax me the menu.. but I like to look ahead if there is a menu online
  5. I always try to do this! That way I can take my time and figure out what I want to try ahead of time. I just hate restaurants that don't have websites so I don't have to call and request a fax!
  6. You're not crazy! I do the same, and thats why I love how most restaurants have websites :smile:
  7. Same here. I always check out the restaurant, the reviews, and the menu before I go to the restaurant.
  8. Phew! I thought some of you might be on the same page. I know the faxing thing is extreme, but this girl has got to be prepared! haha
  9. I ALWAYS look at menus online! even if i've been there before. Though I've never had them fax me their menu...
  10. I have to. :/ Being vegetarian there aren't always places I can go, but usually I can get away with a salad and something else if everyone really wants to go to a specific place. I try not to be a pain in the ass...
  11. It depends, if its a new place, and ive been looking up reviews etc then I will probably see if I can find a sample menu online. But its not a biggie for me, because I usually find something to eat. I just need to know the type of restaurant Im going to, italian, Japanese etc. My only main concern is because I dont eat much fish so I would need to make sure that is not the only option but other than that im fine and dont really need to look at a menu.
  12. I admit I try to scope out restaurant menus ahead of time, especially to see if they have nutritional content on there!
  13. has anyone seen the new customizable menu on It lets you customize any entree and then gives you the nutrition for it! It's pretty awesome!!
  14. I always look for menus online but I don't go to the extreme of requesting a fax -- I like to ponder over the menu and anticipate all the delicious food!
  15. i look, but only bc im generally dining with a SUPER picky eater :smile: