~ 70% Off Thread/$25 Gift Certificates Only $3

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  1. SUCH a great deal! I just got $100 gift certificate to my favorite restaurant for $12. Thank you OP!

    Valid through Sunday, October 17th

    Code: SWEET
  3. Hi! This will be my first purchase and wondering if I can use 2 gift certificates at the same time? Thanks for the input and for the OP.
  4. ^^ No, I'm sorry to say you are limited to one per purchase or dining experience. I believe that you can also not use more than one certificate per month at the same restaurant. At least, where I live, that's been my experience. Still, it's a fantastic deal and why I buy so many of them.
  5. Careful with this site.

    I have noticed they raise the GC price of some of the offers for particular resturants from like $10 for $25 to $20 for $25 ( or it is out of stock) depending on the special deal, apparently to guarantee they get a minimum for the GC.

  6. I've noticed that as well.
  7. anybody know new codes?
    Discount 50% off any order - $25 Gift Certificates for only $5.
    Exp. 10/05/2011