~ 70% Off*$25 GC Only $3

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  1. is there a code ?
  2. Code is SEVENTY
  3. Thanks For posting.
  4. wow, great deals, thanks for posting :smile:
  5. Has anyone every used these? I went into the restrictions, and there seem to be alot.
  6. I love these certificates, especially the restaurants which I like (I go there even without having these certificates). I think that the restrictions are not bad at all. It's just usually 18% tips on pre discount price, only Sunday through Thursday and must spend a particular amount (usually $35) and only use it once a month. Since I don't cook at all, we use these certificates religiously.

    I must THANK bagachondriac for introducing me to this website. She got me hooked.
  7. ^^ Awww..that's sweet sweetem! I too am hooked! I'll tell you how to get around the once a month limit. I set up accounts under four names...mine, my husband's, and two of my sons. Then I purchase GC's under each account. That way, should we want to visit the same restaurant twice, we simply use one from different accounts. I buy so many that I have about 3-4 pages of GC's under each name! LOL! Since my DH had his bariatric surgery in May, we've not used as many so I've given many of them away to friends. It really is an incredible deal IMO!
  8. So, I am curious.
    Can I use several certificates in one month only if they are different restaurants?
    Would you answer this question?
    I am ready to use this.:yahoo:
  9. Thanks for the info!!
  10. Correct. You're limited to using one certificate per month per restaurant per account. As I stated above, the only way I've found to get around that is to set up different accounts and buy GC's under each account. It works for my family...we've been doing it that way for years.
  11. Thank you so much.
    Today I am using one.