~ 70% Off ($25 GC For $3) Valid Through Monday, January 26th

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  1. thank you! my 1st time trying this.
  2. Thank you! This saves us a bunch on "date night" :yes:
  3. Thanks so much! Quick question (I've never used these before): can you use multiple certificates at a meal? Or is the max you can basically use just one $25 certificate per meal?
  4. I believe is 1 certificate per table.
  5. Thank you!! This is also my first time trying this!!!
  6. How do you get the gift certificate- do they send you an email conf containing it right away?

    Also, do you have to use the GC before the 26th or is that the deadline to purchase? Thanks!
  7. they will send you an email containing the coupon that you can print out and bring it w you to the restaurant.
    the validation of each ticket will be writen on the coupon, so make sure u read it carefully and there is minimum amount in order to get the discount.
    the date is for the discount code
    im gonna purchase some for my bbday and valentine

    edit: 1/table, some restaurant only allow 1/month- i dont know how do they keep track of it, but...

  8. Some restaurants sell certificates for larger amounts. Because we have a large family, I usually buy the $50 towards $100 meal, $75 towards $150, or $100 towards $200! Depending on the number of us that are dining out on a particular evening, I will print whichever one I think we will use. You can keep track of your certificate usage on the website. Several of the restaurants we've dined at also included alcohol in the bill rather than making up pay for it separately.
  9. actually, anyone here used the coupons more than 1 a month (same place) even though it says 1/party/month/restaurant?
  10. I just bought 3 coupons! Only $9 :okay:

    Only one says excluding holidays/special occasions. I wonder if they consider the Friday before Valentine's Day a special occasion.
  11. In the Los Angeles area, it's $10 for a $25 coupon.
  12. no discount? ^
  13. ACK! Didn't realize it was a "code" discount. Sorry....

    Unfortunately, didn't find any restaurants of interest though.
  14. can you print them all at once and use them at your discretion?

    i'm asking because i'm thinking of getting a few for my aunt who has about a zillion kids. i don't think she'd take the time to print them on her own though.