Restarting the Chanel collection - which Red Mini would you choose?

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13B Red Rectangle Mini or 16 Red Square Mini

  1. 13B Red Rectangle Mini

  2. 16 Red Square Mini

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  1. #1 Apr 11, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    Hi ladies,
    It's been a while since I posted on the forum.
    I refrained myself to check regularly because honestly, it depresses me.

    Long story short, 8 months ago our house was broken into while I took my 7 months son out for a walk.
    In a space of 40 minutes our house was turned upside down and literally inside out (our clothes were strewn out on the front porch). They even had time ripping all the birthday/Christmas/anniversary cards I kept inside my wardrobe no doubt looking for cash.

    So of course many sentimental items were stolen including my Chanel bags. I have always stored everything (ribbon, camellia, authenticity cards and receipt) with all my bags - which I am still kicking myself because practically those thieves got the bags just like from the boutiques because I hardly use them and really looked after and stored them well.

    I thought I'm a positive person but evidently I am not as I try not to dwell on the lost but sometimes I do still feel sad thinking what happened to those bags!

    Now I am trying to rebuilding my collection slowly (those price increases) and wanting to ask your thoughts. I never owned a Chanel red bag and have opportunity to buy these two bags:
    13s Rectangular Mini with Brushed GHW
    2016 (I don't know the correct season) Square Mini SHW

    Photos are borrowed from ref library courtesy of TPFer (cityivy) and (lvbagslover)

    I tried to find out more about the quality of the leather (I'm a sucker for soft buttery leather due to "used" of owning numbers of now stolen Bbags and Chanel lambskin flaps) but couldn't find much details.

    What is your thoughts of the "brushed" gold HW?
    I've only ever owned ruthenium and silver HW. Does the gold tarnish quite easily?

    Appreciate all the inputs!

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  2. 2016 Square Mini

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  3. Hi, I'm so sorry this happened to you. We got burgled downstairs whilst we slept upstairs because a back door had accidentally been left open and we don't turn on any alarms when inside the house. Long story short, they took SOOO much valuable stuff including expensive watches, iPads, LV bag full of all my lovely expensive Slgs and my smaller mulberry bag (as I'd been out the night before and left all things downstairs), my husband's wallet, brief case which had 3 valuable watches (he was going to get serviced), work iPhone etc etc. We didn't realise how much valuable stuff we kept in one room! I didn't feel safe in my own home for months after that as we have two small kids. I still dread when we go away now. I'm so sorry again to hear this happened to you.

    On a positive not - Lucky you finding these two gorgeous minis! I'm looking for a rectangular mini myself so I would recommend that simply because it fits more, but you can't go wrong with either since minis are so sought after.
  4. So, so sorry this happened to you. Aside from actually losing your things, it just feels so violating to have someone have your personal items! My stuff got stolen out of the back of my boyfriend's trunk a couple years ago, including a Fendi bag, iPad, Prada wallet, etc. and it was a terrible experience, but fortunately, no one was hurt!

    I tend to gravitate towards rectangular minis, but the red on that square mini is really gorgeous. I also like how the hardware on the square can look either silver or gold, depending on the lighting. Both are awesome options!
  5. Oh no!!! :tdown:

    I'm so sorry that happened to you! I hope your homeowner's/renter's insurance will cover the cost of the bags at least... not that the equal amount of money can compare with losing your babies!

    To answer the thread, I vote for #1.
    I may be biased as I'm partial to rectangular mini & IMO red Chanel bags go better with ghw. It is more classic, I think. But if you want a bag with more modern feel, I would say go with #2 (I think both the shape and the hw help with that.)

    Both are beautiful bags of course! Have you had a chance to try them on?
  6. I just recently had my engagement ring and two diamond necklaces stolen. I try to stay positive knowing that it could have been worse and try to appreciate that everyone around me is healthy and doing well. Sorry for your loss. I admire your ability to move forward.

    Both sound amazing. Go with what makes you feel happy.
  7. Oh I am so sorry for your loss...I could feel your frustation reading that. My vote is for #1 and wish you the best!
  8. So sorry to hear that such a horrible thing happened to you. Good to know that you, and your 7 months old son at the time were safe and wasn't there when it happened, and now there's the chance to shop for new and beautiful bags! :smile:

    I like the rectangular mini size more, but personally I much prefer the red of the 16P and SHW more going with red.

    Red is a very "personal preference" driven color (everyone seems to have the "ideal" shade of red in their mind, all you have to do to confirm this is going to your nearby nail salon! :lol:

    The 2 reds you showed us is very different (13 darker and deeper and 16 is much brighter/louder and in my opinion a bit more youthful looking). I would say make your decision based on the shade of red that appeal to you most out of the two. Hopefully you had a chance to see these colors in person to choose from, it should be easy to decide if you can see the colors. good luck!!!
  9. I am sooo sorry to hear what happened to you.
    It is so unexpected and unfortunate! I can't imagine the stress of taking care of the aftermath, on top of dealing with the sentiment over losing your beloved belongings. Sending you great big hugs!

    I know some people who own luxury bags would store them at different places in the house, and buy insurance for their goods as well. I never thought much of that until I hear stories of burglary like yours. Sometimes we think it can't happen to us, but in reality, it can happen to anyone anywhere. I recently had my car broken into and the thieves stole my Chanel handbag along with all the personal things in it...

    Back to your questions, I do prefer rectangular size, but like Vanana, I love the bright lipstick red of the 16P. Good luck on your decision, and please update us with your new Chanel collection!
    Best wishes to you. :heart:
  10. I am so sorry to hear about the break in. It must be so frustrating.

    I'd go with the square mini!