restarting, a waste of time?

  1. amidst my LE lusting i had an epiphany about speedies. i realized that i now have 2 30's (MC and mirage) and am getting used to and liking the size. would it be a waste of time for me to replace my other two speedies (mono and damier 25s)? there's a part of me that finds the 25 a "cute" size. but it might be too small for me now. suggestions? advice? :tup:
  2. Nope, I have 4 30's and would never go back to a 25! I'd replace them with a 30.
  3. Not a waste of time at all. If your not loving the 25's but you love the 30's now I say go for it!!
  4. Go for what you'll actually use - if you find you're reaching for your larger speedies all the time, then there's no point in keeping the 25s hanging around. It's a little painful, but at least you'll actually get use out of a new set of 30s !
  5. thanks ladies! i think what i'll do is try and use one of my 25s for a week and see how much of a hassle it'll be. the idea of buying 2 new speedies is very enticing ;)
  6. Go Caley, GOOOOO!! LOL
  7. Woohoo Caley! Buy buy buy!
  8. Not at all! If the 30 is the size that works for you then go for it! I find the 25 small too, although I agree it's cute! I just can't fit all my junk in there! I have a Epi 25 in Red and hardly use her either. I prefer the 30 and even ventured to the Mono 35 ... I like that too! Have you tried the 35 irl?
  9. i have not tried the 35. i actually never considered it since i feel like its too big. but then again i used to think the 30 was huge too lol.

    fabgrabs & RG: i'm thinking about it. or more trying to keep myself distracted from the watercolor 30.
  10. I love my mono speedy 25 as she was one of my first LV's...BUT looking back (and forward) I would only get 30s or above!!
  11. Caley - don't distract from the watercolor - embrace it. :lol:
  12. that's part of my hesitation since my mono was one of my first LVs too. it kind of has this sentimental value to it.
  13. keep the 25. better to have an option.
  14. 25's are too small for me. 30 is perfect.
  15. Xxx