Rest Week NYC: Megu or Nobu or Tao??? Japanese Restaurants

  1. I'm having trouble deiciding which places to make reservations? My dad has said great things about Megu, Nobu, and Tao. I know all 3 places are wonderfull decoarted but I'm more concerned about food. I've heard that Tao's food is not up to par from a few people but please let me know what you guys thought!

  2. My friends and I went to Tao recently for lunch, and I have to say, I wasn't impressed with the food. I thought our entrees were extremely greasy -- to the point where I couldn't eat my food. Our dessert was delicious though.
  3. NOBU! if you can get in....
  4. Megu! I have been to all of them and Megu downtown wins. If you like Uni, order Uni with pasta...I could live on that stuff. If you can't get into the downtown one, go for the midtown. Nobu on 57th street comes in second. I wasn't impressed with Tao.

    This reminds me I have to make a bunch of reservations for next week.
  5. I love TAO!
  6. i think Tao has great ambiance but the food not so much. to me it is more like a club. i havent been to the others..Sushi Samba was good though
  7. NOBU all th and the hubby went there last month for our 6month "anniversary" and i fell in love with it! It was our first time, and we went to the Nobu located on 57th..and the decor was trendy, lighting was was nice.and the service was impeccable! Our waiter was very attentive and answered all our questions honestly and patiently..For example "i wouldnt get that one, it is very spicy, etc etc" The drinks were fantastic and overall it was an awesome experience!! It is pricey, but worth it!!!!
  8. Tao is like a club, the food is mediocre. I prefer Megu to Nobu, but they're both good choices.
  9. Megu
  10. Thanks for your input about the food ladies. Now I am wondering about the crowd at Nobu and Megu?? I am in my early twenties and I don't want to feel weird eating there so please tell me which one is better for me and my friends? Last year, we went to Basserie 8 1/2 but we felt really akward because it was more of the 30s-40s crowd and everyone was strictly business dressy. Thank you!
  11. Then go to Nobu 57th street if you want atmosphere that is young. Although during restaurant week, you will get all age ranges. The last 3 times I went, I saw Howard Sterns gf there. I think she is early 30s??

    Megu downtown is in Tribeca and imo more romantic I guess.
  12. None of the above...
    Masa is the best sushi Restaurant in NYC,
    Masa,Time Warner Center,10 Columbus Cir.

    Beware it is very expensive, with drinks it can be around $500 per person. I suggest Toro (not the cheap-o chutoro, or even worse the baby tuna), Unagi and blowfish. Order Sakura sake.
  13. Masa is of course not participating in restaurant week, so I would say Nobu because it's a must-experience, and Megu because the food is very nice. Tao is a great place for drinks, or a dinner with lots of people when you care more about the environment & company than the food. It is a lovely room and has great ambience but the food isn't on the same level as either Nobu or Megu.

    On a slightly related note, if you haven't been to Mr. Chow, definitely try to go there too!! Don't know that they are doing restaurant week (doubt it) but it's not super pricy and it's really in my opinion the best interpretation of Chinese influenced cuisine on the East Coast. It's not authentic (dozens of places in Chinatown for that) but even people who don't love Chinese food love Mr. Chow.