Responsible vs. Splurging

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  1. Okay, so today I was going to place my order for my new LV.. And I was so pumped.. I am a student, graduating this spring.. My wedding is June 17th.. then I'm leaving Sweden and moving to the US with my hubby.. To get my Permanent Visa from the US embassy, I have to pay a LOT in fees (I'm talking 2 medium priced handbags here!! :evil: ).. I have two plane tickets to the US coming up that I need to pay for.. And then there's starting our lives together, get an apartment and get a job. I realise I might not be able to get a job right away.. Also, I did just buy a speedy 30 and a Ludlow wallet a month ago..

    I have quite a bit of savings, enough for a down payment for a house.. And I've always been really responsible with them, I've treated them like they're off limits (parents raised me to SAVE). Right now I'm working 1 day a week, which adds up to about $400 a month. I also get money from the government for going to school (they do that here for everybody, rich or poor, AND universities are free :P ), about $400 a month..
    I have NO loans and no credit credit card debts, so I don't owe anyone any money. I live with my parents right now (since I was only going back to Sweden for one year, and then I will move again), which I really enjoy because I won't see them very often after I move.. So no real living costs or expenses except for like hygene products and stuff. I try not to eat out very often and have cheap gym memberships since I work as a fitness instructor as well.

    Sooo, I have money coming in.. But I feel like I really should be responsible with them and save.. because we'll be getting a house soon and what not.. And the fees for the embassy and the plane tickets will really add up!
    So today I was overwhelmed with guilt and decided NOT to buy the LV item for $400.. And now I'm wondering if I did the right thing... How do you know where to draw the line between treating yourself with pretty things and saving up money that might be needed later on?? I don't know!

    What's your opinion? How do you deal with this?
  2. i sometimes don't know how to draw the line, but if i wasin you i'd wait a little bit more. the louis vuitton item will always be there, and you might be lucky beacuse in some months you might find something that you like best!! think of how lucky you are to have a loving man and getting married with him, that is the most important thing!!
  3. I don't think you have any reason to feel bad!

    You're going to move to a new country with the man you love, buy and make a home together -- that's way better than any purse you could buy!
  4. You shouldn't feel bad at all for passing up the wallet. At the end of the day, although it is a nice item to have, it's just a wallet - one which I'm sure LV will continue to carry and you can reward yourself later.
  5. Thank you ladies, I know I can always count on you :love:

    I know I made the right decision, sometimes it just hurts to pass up beautiful things :P But it feels good to be responsible :biggrin: I guess I've always had that feeling "if something happens my parents will help me", beacuase they do have money.. But I want to be independent and I don't wan't to run home in a year saying "daddy, I'm broke!" :P

    Bye for now little LV wallet, I will see you soon I hope :love:
  6. Yup, LV will always be there oneway or the other. Price hike of LV vs price hike of let's say a house is quite different. You know what your priorities are and have sacrificed much to get where you are so continue what you're doing.
  7. Thank you so much Kathy :love:

    I'm interested in hearing how you guys make these decisions? Because our little "hobby" is quite addicting :P
  8. I think you made the right decision. Like someone else said there will always be LV's. Saving for your future is very important and buying a home in one of the best investments you can make. Buying your dream home is even better! :love:
  9. Thanks :love: It's hard somtimes to see those $400 purchases making a difference when it comes to a house though.. but I know it does, because it all adds up for sure!!
  10. I agree with the ladies, it's best to wait.

    You should give yourself a big pat on the back. A lot of people your age are totally irresponsible. Your parents did a good job raising you!
  11. Thank you Scarlett :shame: My parents are great, they've always been there for me :love:
  12. If you did what you're comfortable with, you did the right thing :biggrin: You can always get it later on when you're more willing to drop the $$$. Good job saving!
  13. Swedie~It sounds as if you have been wonderfully responsible all your life.
    Treat yourself, you deserve it!