Responsible LV lovers unite!

  1. We all love "shallow obsessing" about our LVs...but as responsible LV lovers we should remember our favorite charities at this time of the year. It really won't set our LV Savings Accounts back too much if we would skim a bit off the top for a worthy charity...believe me the goodness will be returned to you! One of my personal favorites is The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (
  2. I agree
  3. Oh, please do not take my post out of context. I am not implying that you are not giving to charities...keeping with the close of the tax year for 2006, it was just a gentle reminder. (Perhaps it was only me that needed a reminder!)
  4. lol.. nice one. i give year round.. and in hs i gave thousands of hours to volunteering.. and i'm always donating to my favorite orgs.. especially the HRC. :smile: equality for all.. that's what i believe in.
  5. i bought a cow. haha.

    and i also played piano and danced for old people
  6. Ovarian cancer research is near and dear to me too. My real mother died at age 26 with ovarian cancer. By the time that ovarian cancer shows detectable symptoms, usually it is metastatic. Therefore, the survival rate is much lower than a cancer caught in an early stage would be.
  7. yes, every year I set up an automatic deduction from my account to numerous charities. It feels good to give especially when we are blessed with so many things in life.
  8. This year my DH and I made donations to some local charities, the local animal shelter, and bought some lucky person a flock of geese through
  9. Good reminder. My family gives to numerous charities throughout the year. I remember what it feels like to need the basic necessities as we were far less fortunate when we first got married than we are now. It's true that good things will come your way when you give from your heart.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. lol well let's see, I've volunteered at hospitals and my family donates a few hundred dollars a year to the SPCA
  11. i'm donating my old clothes to the less fortunate people, does that count?
  12. Thank you for the reminder. It is so easy to get "wrapped up" with material goods that we forget to be thankful and at times even humble.
  13. Yes this counts. And I think it's always good to give even to food drives, and I don't like to tell others where I give as I'm shy, but I also think its important to donate to blood banks. Thats important, as $, its life for someone else. And I think its really good to give to charity. You will always be blessed. And when you give, its a great feeling.
  14. Wonderful reminder!
  15. I"m part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor group. It doesn't really cost anything - just an hour a week - and it really does change lifes.