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  1. I sent pics of my BH (see post #3389 in Authenticate This forum) to the vendor I won it from because I questioned its authenticity. She sent the pics over to Carol at Mypoupette and here's her response:

    I would consider the Batignolles Horizontal in eBay auction 270014242908 to be authentic. The presence of an receipt has no effect on my opinion. I tend to ignore all receipts these days because so many of them are faked. I can understand Janet's concerns, but in the last two to three years I have seen many of the LVs made in the U.S.A. show sliding workmanship standards that never used to be present. The bottom motifs not matching exactly is no longer unusual in many of the U.S.A. LVs, I'm sorry to say. I have also seen fraying leather on some of the U.S.A. made LVs. Last year at the Saks LV in Indianapolis, I would not let me daughter buy a Popincourt Haut because the stitching was noticeably uneven on the leather trim & no others were in stock at the time. The stitching holes on the bottom of the strap look like they changed their minds on hole placement. I would have thought they would have gotten a fresh strap.

    Do you believe the quality has fallen that much??? Have many of you experienced crooked stitching, fraying leather? That's just evil when you're spending that much on a bag. Should I believe her?
  2. This is a tough one. Workmanship is slipping in all areas of manufacturing. Who knows? We would like to think that we are paying for quality, but I remember when I purchased my first Lincoln Towncar. It was in the shop thirteen times in two years. Everything, including the hood ornament, feel apart.
    At this time, I have not found any faults on my bags. I also would like to hear other comments on this subject.
  3. This is a legit seller.. No worries.


  4. I think sometimes when there is a high demand for a product the company, in a rush to mass produce, chooses manufacturers whose work is not up to par.
  5. My mono Mizi's zipper is a little off on one side but that's the ONLY "defect" on any of my bags:
  6. I think the bottom line is...Are you happy with the bag? Can you return it because you aren't happy with the quality?
  7. I have the same thing on the front pocket of my black MC Alma. AND I realized yesterday, that the stitching on my Hudson PM is a bit uneven :Push:
  8. The smooth "edging" on my Mono Koala Wallet peeled off after only 5 months of very gentle use. The SAs said that they see this a lot, and I just...I just think that a 500$ wallet shouldn't do this. I've had 20 dollar wallets that didn't peel like that!
  9. i'm not sure whether how true is it but i happen to drop by LV boutique a couple of days ago and i remember one of the SA told me things sort of like they don't recognise or exchange if the lv is made in USA. they only take into acc those which are made in spain or made in france. i'm currently in asia by the way.
  10. :wtf:I find this hard to believe, sorry.
  11. The stitching is off on my agenda. It was made in Spain

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Oops, I spoke too soon. My soufflot also has a pulled zipper.
  13. I would be happier knowing it was real, considering I still paid a chunk of change for it. I'll be in SF later this week and will take it to the store. I realize it's used but heck, I bought a used Infiniti and looked pretty good for a two year old car.

    She guarantees her stuff so I would assume she would refund it. I guess it just really bothers me about the quality going down. My Manhattan is perfect and no flaws at all so it's just surprising to see the crooked stitiching and fraying.
  14. I guess its like anything, you can but a new car order for your needs and it be a lemon.

    Take it into Lv and have them check it out, i'm sure there will be no issues with the bag being Authentic.
  15. I know this seller personally. She absolutely sells only authentic bags. I have known her for years == and have bought bags from her too. She is a very highly regarded seller and a member of other purse forums such as ALVA.