Response from Chanel re: Reporter

  1. I had heard some conflicting things from SAs about whether the Cambon reporter was to be discontinued, so I emailed Chanel and here is part of the response. Excellent customer service by the way!

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Linge Cambon Handbag Collection.
    The Cambon line is the latest reinterpretation of the famous quilted
    CHANEL handbag.

    There are nine styles featured in the Cambon Collection: three totes,
    four pochettes and two "travel" bags. The nine handbags are made of
    evercalf, a very strong and resistant, yet supple quality of calf
    leather. All of the bags feature bright pink lining and silver hardware.

    Linge Cambon is available in five colour combinations: 1) black on
    white, 2) white on black, 3) black on beige, 4) black on pink and 5)
    black on black.
  2. Ooh thanks!! hehe
  3. There's some info that the rep. didn't include and some wrong info as well.

    All of the cambon bags do not feature bright pink lining. The pink/black combo is black lining, the white/python is white (and I thought there was orange?).

    Also the evercalf while indeed strong, is not resistant! There can be color transfer from the handles or from clothing.

    Also there is more combos than the one she listed.

    Great info none-the-less, thanks for sharing!
  4. oooh! I would not have known thanks Mello!!
  5. :yes: Yea, I saw orange in a beige tote back in April.
  6. Interesting! Someone here said it was lambskin, I said it wasn't and they said yes it is! LOL!
    I'm glad that's cleared up. .. I was actually swayed by their insistence!

    So, they didn't really answer the question did they?:shrugs:
  7. ^^^LOL SMo3 the answer is a bit mysterious, she never mentions the term reporter so I'm inferring that those are the "travel bags" and that the mini no longer exists, perhaps just the medium, and large/jumbo.
  8. But did she confirm or deny them going out of production?

    Man! Why so evasive? LMBO!
  9. LOL! Good Lord, I'm even forgetting my original question! LOL Later in the email, she writes that I can order any of the Cambon line "at any time" from the 1800 number, or by calling any of the Boutiques, so available, at least for now....
  10. yeah, yeah, they'll tell us anything! LOL!
    I bet if she had looked them up she'd have been surprised about how few and far between thay are becoming! LOL!
  11. that's what scares me *shiver*
  12. Lol I hope it wasn't me!
    I was going by what my SA had told me..guess I have to reinform her lol.
    But I agree, they didn't really answer the question..are they discontinuing it or not? :rolleyes: