Responding to "is that real?"

  1. Regardless of how you feel about fur, how would you respond? A neighbor has a habit of making strange comments to me. Today it was 24 degrees and I wore my fur coat. She immediately walks up to me and says in front of everyone, is that real? To which I responded 'yes". In the past, she made comments about my LV inclusion bracelet like "is that lv? I have never seen THAT before".

    Who talks this way to other people? I would never say it to anyone whether it be clothes or a purse. Do you walk up to someone with a designer purse and ask if its "real"? I just think it is rude. We are 40 something year old adults with children. Haven't we all grown up already?

    Any thoughts on how to respond in the future?
  2. I think since the wearing of fur is such a sensitive subject, asking someone if its real or not is asking for trouble. Plus it really depends on where you go.

    Next time someone asks if that is real or not, ask her "what does it really matter?" and recommend the stores where she can purchase the same thing, because obviously she admires your clothes
  3. I would just say "of course" in a way that would make her realize that you would never wear a fake. Hopefully she gets the idea and doesn't need to ask any more because she should know the answer...
  4. ^ Jealous people ;)

    If she asks "Is that real?!?!?!?" or "Is that LV?!?!?!?" Just pretend like she's paying you a compliment and say as sweetly as you can, "It is! :yes: Thank you!" She won't be able to say anything else without looking like a total dumbass...
  5. I see this comment as a way to make an assessment about you. I would think she was an anti-fur individual if it weren't for the LV comment. With comments on both the fur & the LV, it sounds like a case of "keeping up w/ the Jones'". Most people I know what to know they are more successful than others. By being able to purchase higher priced items, your neighbor may see you as being more financially successful. I think you should wear your fur & LV with pride!
  6. She really needs to get a hobby.

    If she asks, just say yes, why?
    Then when she replys just get in your car and knock her trashcan over with it;)

  7. My opinion of the person really goes down if she/he asks such a question. I think it implies that she/he might buy a fake, or she/he perceives me to the the kind of person to buy fakes.

    She has no class. That's it.
  8. Hand her your SA's card.
  9. "Yes, and?"

    Although I think you can be asking for trouble when you admit to real fur depending on your area.

    Another I like is, "That is a rather rude question, don't you think?"
  10. Thanks guys! I like the idea of taking it as a "compliment" by saying "why yes, thank you."

    I guess people who are insecure are never satisfied. This woman definitely has more money than me so it is not about that.

    I feel like I"m back in high school again. The whole thing is so silly. Who cares what the next person has or doesn't have? I guess some people do.
  11. this is what it boils down to.

    know when and where your choices are acceptable.

    if this bothers you to the point where your mentality is, "i should be able to wear what i want when i want!" understand there are idiots in this world who will ridicule anything, and know you may come across that.
  12. Whenever someone has asked me, I've just said yes. Most often, people haven't responded, but I occasionally get the, "Oh my gawd! How could you wear that?" In which case, I respond, "What's it to you?" On days when I've been very bad-tempered, I've just jumped to that without saying yes, and most people will back off after that. However, I agree with the others that that might not be the best tactic since she's your neighbor. I wouldn't lie and say it isn't, though, because I'm sure if she is much wealthier than you and questioning your LV also, she'd probably "disapprove" and you should just try to sound cordial and get past her as soon as possible! lol
  13. friends where do you store your furs...and then it goes into this big discussion..where is the best place, etc..I have never had anyone asks me if they are real...I would also say yes, thank you. Im at the age now that Im tired of having to justify myself to ANYONE that does not agree with what I do, or carry, or wear etc...Im a adult and Im a good and let live.
  14. About LV or other designer purses I guess she's trying to think she's better than you but you know your purses are real so don't worry about it.

    However, I'd be careful with the fur. You know how crazy some people are.