respecting differences of opinions...?

  1. *sigh*

    i am sleep deprived and upset right now. not the greatest combination in the world.

    i am a member on another forum, where some ideas were brought up that i really don't believe in. and it is assumed that, as a member of that forum, i agree with them. and everyone on there KNOWS my stance on it (i have made my point very clear and i strongly believe it)- so i couldn't help but feel a bit attacked when a mod posted a sticky about "truth" of this issue and how any other opinion/belief is "wrong". (yes, i am deliberately not saying what the issue would cause an almost instant debate here.)

    i love the forum i'm on, but i am seriously upset right now that i don't think my differing opinions are ever valid there. part of me thinks i'm overreacting, but part of me thinks they're just too darn close-minded (and why should *i* be the one to conform?!)

    so should i just ignore this and know that i don't always need to defend my beliefs? or what?

    (and might i say that i LOVE tpf right now, more than ever! i love you guys cause none of you have EVER made me feel as bad as these people have!)
  2. I figure to just move on - it is a forum, not a IRL situation where you can't back out. this is for fun - if they don't make you feel good why stay there? This is like moving on from a friendship only easier - you don't have to 'break up'. If it makes you feel better just leave a 'good-bye' note and state your opinions - or better the 'truth'!
  3. I agree with lara, if you are going to feel attacked, then just leave! You shouldn't feel bad.
  4. For the record, I do think that some opinions can be wrong - you may be of the opinion that one race is inferior to another, for instance, and I would urge anyone who encounters such an opinion to attack it. That said, I doubt that's the sort of opinion you're talking about, and if you feel attacked for having voiced an opinion that was simply controversial, that's pretty wrong and I would let the mod know how you feel. Sorry this happened to you.
  5. Yeah, I'd probably just not frequent that forum anymore..
  6. Without knowing what the difference of opininon is, it is hard to judge this one. I would say though that if you feel your thoughts and opinions are not being respected then maybe it is time to move on. xx
  7. I say move on, it's not worth it if this other forum is upseting you. It's not like you know those other people. They're strangers to you so treat them as such and tell yourself that at the end of the day their opinions don't matter.
  8. Is this your religious forum? If so, such situations are best avoided. If people don't think they may be incorrect in their thinking, or are not amenable to different viewpoints it IS time to move on.

    Diversity is what makes humans interesting, and people must be prepared to live with it. If everyone had the same mindframe and views on everything, people would be like slices of processed cheese - all uniformly packaged and alike.
  9. hmmmmm.Remember this is a forum..Where people are free to voice their opinions..It's easier to be totally honest sometimes when you will never see/know/hang out with etc with the people you converse with...If your best friend upset you like would be worth dealing with..but if anyone ever offended me here, I would blow it off...You don't know who you're dealing with, so take it w/ a grain of salt...I am very careful how I word things so as not to upset anybody or hurt their feelings..It's just me..I am nice to strangers in my daily life so I will be nice to strangers here....But a forum is a forum...and we all have to expect it or not..Some people don't care about other people's feelings..Sorry you're feeling this way...From your post I sense a likeableness in you and strong sensetivity...IMO I think that makes you a good don't let it get you down!!!
  10. ^:yes: so I don't understand why some opinions should be wrong or right, as long as they respect other individuals
    --But I also understand why you are upset by this, bc even if it's not real life friends, it's still being part of a group that you get to know, and being as sensitive :heart: as I am, I would be upset too, like I have been with what happened recently on the LV forum.
    But in this case, maybe it's time to leave and move on if you don't feel your opinions can be appreciated.
  11. I think it would be upsetting if a Mod reinforced one point of view and said the other was wrong which is (I think) what bugs Kallison.

    So it is more or less the fault or the mindset rather of the Moderator who is not willing to merely moderate the discussions but let her personal issues come into the picture also. (imagine a tPF moderator saying 'Hermes is everything and all other brands are terrible' or something like that on this forum - they don't ever do that whether they personally like Hermes only - which means Megs and Vlad pick their moderators wisely!)
  12. A forum is for voicing opinions! There are tactful ways to voice ones opinions w/o stomping all over someone else's. If that particular forum makes you uncomfortable, maybe it is time to say your goodbye's on the forum and state why you are doing so. Maybe there are other people there that believe your way as well and will speak up.
  13. I agree with Lara, just ignore them and quit going to that forum. *hugs*
  14. Its just a can always walk away if you dont like them....
    Everyone has opinions.whether right or the internet can be a heated place to voice them at times!!
  15. Kallison, isn't this the second time you've posted about being upset over this forum? I think the last time you said it actually made you cry. I suggest you leave the forum. What good is it doing you?