Resources: Interior Design

  1. What are your inspiriations?? Resources, for books, ideas, that special something to make your room "pop."

    Please share them here.

    I love these books...

    In a Mexican Garden


    I have some color in my house, but I still have a ways to go before achieving color nirvana. I LOVE a colorful home.

    What inspires you? And where do you find it?
  2. My house is super traditional and very italian inspired - so think lots of gold, lots of ornate, and lots of marble and stone ;)
  3. I love all books from
  4. I look into various blogs or magazines but mostly into :smile:
  5. hi,,everyone i have just join this forum today and happy to get such kind of help on this hot topic.
    Thanks to all.
  6. welcome. :smile:
  7. I enjoy the magazine House Beautiful. It's similar to Traditional Home but is more modern and has a fixer upper series and DIY projects too.
  8. Magazines
    Elle Decor
    House Beautiful
    Traditonal Home
    Architectural Digest

  9. And another one that Ive just discovered is this one..
    Its new, & yes its London based But its shaping up to be great. And I LOVE her blog design!
  10. Houzz is helpful