Resort Wristlet

  1. I was back at the Coach store again today and I have to tell ya...... this wristlet is probably the cutest thing that's been in the store in recent memory:


    She's VERY soft and the little scarf it wears is DARLING. Sadly, I didn't buy it as I was busy gifting... but I may have to go back again tomorrow and get it :lol:
  2. How much was it?
  3. $98

    I think I'm falling in love with her. And the matching tote.
  4. I love it too! I was told it comes in yellow, and will be out in mahogony next week!
  5. I love the little scarf! The mahogony sounds like it will be gorgeous!
  6. I love how some of the new wristlets are coming with cute scarves attached, it makes it look so cute!
  7. ^^ ITA, so fun!!
  8. which other ones have that cutie pie scraf tie, I love it!!!