Resort Stuff is ONLINE!!!

  1. OMG this is so cute!

  2. I saw some at today. Cute things!
  3. OMG I think I need the beach tote!
  4. Yes...yes it is...I think I must have it...:drool:
  5. Hello Green Pixie...I could not help myself. I ordered this bag yesterday on the PCE with a reversable ocelot type ponytail scarf tied on it. The store had orange in a bow, bigger... but I preferred the animal print. I was a bit afraid of the white jacquard, but they do have a cleaner now. and it was so very beautiful. The new catalog also has this bag in all leather. It is a cream color called "buckskin" There is no lace pocket or strap on that one. Also very lovely. This caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store. I live in Florida, so it is an all year round item for me..hopefully I will not get it dirty and be carefull and wear it with only washed light clothes, no dark jeans for transfers. I like it with khaki or white and light pastels. It is beautiful and classy in person. The strap hurt me once in the bleeker. This is a bit thinner buckle but. if you wear this bag towards the back with the detailing in the back not the front buckle on your other is fine. The leather pocket detail on the back with the stitching is beautiful!!:tup:
  6. Whew - these are definitely not for me!! I get so happy when items are released that I dont like sometimes - I think I'm still holding out to see the spring pleated leather ergos!
  7. I actually don't like any of these things...I guess that's a good thing!
  8. [​IMG]

    Sooo pretty, I love that.
  9. i saw all this last week at my store....
  10. The only thing that really catches my eye is the Turnlock Tote.
  11. I saw a pair of shoes I love... I don't even like gold, but I must have them!!
  12. Oh, please PLEASE post pics when you receive this bag!
    It is absolutely gorgeous! :girlsigh:
  13. Thank you so much...I am a dud with this camera but my DH seems to know how to do it..if I cannot do it, Ttloveshim will help me do it, she did it last time. But the white, white, how could I order WHITE? I must have had a meltdown in the store....but it is a very beautiful bag..Think spring...whites and daisies...beautiful bag..different. I am glad you liked it. Are you near a store. They are in the flagship stores...?
    Thank you for liking it...buying white makes me
    MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!! :yahoo: