Resort Show 2007 now online on BV!

  1. Ladies and gents,

    the Resort 2007 video is finally working!

    I have to admit that there were parts that didn`t get me that much (but that is probably just personal taste, I just can`t get myself to like this tribal and ethno thing) but others I loved (and I think it was great that Tomas Maier`s thoughts were captured esp. with his funny German accent ;o)

    I liked the mustard shades, the swirl prints in dark blue, this multicolored Cabat at the beginning, the chain detailing on the handles, the new shapes and the playful volumes in RTW and those light fabrics!

    Not sure about the shiny metallics though.

    Oh, and when it comes to dresses and shirt/pants-combinations, it`s just Maier at his best! I love how every dress reveals so thoughtully placed details, even if it`s just a little slit at the back!
  2. Hee! Thanks C!

    I'll rewatch it again in a bit, and leave my comments then. :p
  3. I liked the long night gowns, especially the back side. Very sexy. Loved the metallic colors on some of the bags. I'm even thinking of getting the 2-strap intrecciato bag.